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Are you a Sunday Bride?

Are you getting married on a Sunday? I am and feel that all my guests are hating us for having our wedding on a Sunday.

When we looked at dates this was one that came up. It is also my birthday that day and we got together on my birthday so we thought that the date would be more significant & special than any other day plus its half term starting the day after which i thought was ideal with families who have children!! ( H2B keeps calling it a hatrick!)

However, a lot of our guests are saying that they cants stay late as they have work the next day and that we should have done it on a Saturday. We sent out save the date cards 18months before the wedding and nobody said a thing. Now with 3 months to go I am worried that the wedding party is going to die down very early through the night.

Can anyone else relate to this? or offer some advice??



  • Mrs_AmandaMrs_Amanda Posts: 3,284
    Jeez, are your friends and family not willing to take Monday off work?

    On the whole, licencing laws tend to mean that Sunday receptions wrap up a little earlier than Saturday but even so ....

    I've chosen a Thursday so have the same problem with people having work on Friday. But, my view is that I'm rather expecting them to take Friday off too. I may be asking a lot to want them to 'waste' two days of their precious annual leave to attend my wedding, but I'm being choosy about who I invite and I'd like to think it's not a major sacrifice for them to do that.
  • ellybeeellybee Posts: 1,381
    Totally agree with you Amanda!

    I'm getting married on a Friday and also being very picky about who is invited. Only close friends and family who I don't think will see it as a "waste" of their annual leave to have a day off for my wedding.

    We've only had one raised eyebrow and comment so far (and as that was from mil2b who isn't really happy unless she's picking holes in something I don't really count it anyway!).

    Are a lot of people travelling a long way for your wedding Lex? If not I really don't see what the huge problem is for them, especially considering the amount of notice you gave people. If people are travelling a long way then maybe they'd want to leave a little early to get home but really, what's wrong with a day off and a B&B for the night?!

    Maybe the next time it comes up with someone say try saying you feel a bit sad that they can't stay as it's such an important day for you. Just to make the point.

    Don't let it get you down though - I really think it's their loss, not yours.

  • zenladzenlad Posts: 124
    Thanks for the quick response. At first they were all happy to take a monday off work and everyone was happy that half term started the day after but now there all saying how it is really inconvenient for them as they have work next day ( some of these got married mid week and i was more than happy to take two days off for them).

    My cousin recently had a wedding on a Thursday and nobody caused any problems with that ( and it was her third wedding). This is my first and hopefully only ever wedding and they are making me feel like I am asking too much of them.

    My Friends are the same also which is more shocking because they always say you can choose your friends not your family etc and I have bent over backwards for them.

    We have extended licence for the sunday as venue is on a golf course an no house around for miles but now I dont see the point in worrying!!!

  • zenladzenlad Posts: 124
    I have guests travelling from as far as cyprus, australia and india and they are coming for ten days to help me out with last minute plans. Family from London are staying over. It is the family who live about an hour away from the venue who are moaning. I have told them we are going to look at getting some deals on nearby hotels etc for guests to stay in and they said they'd rather go home. Have tried your suggestion of saying it'll be a shame if they cant stay on through to the night but they said they cant take holidays ( i dont event think they have asked for holidays at work just making excuses)

    as half of the guests are H2b's - they ahve told me that they dont stay in hotels and my in-laws are arranging a coach for them to take them to the wedding so everyone is going to leave in one go which will look awful!!

    Getting so stressed about the wedding as it is and this isnt helping!!!

    sorry to have a moan!!!
  • ellybeeellybee Posts: 1,381
    Oh dear, it sounds like you're trying so hard to be really accomodating for them and just getting nothing in return.

    I do think that sometimes there are just people who no matter what you do have to moan. You could do anything and it wouldn't be enough. All you can do is not let them drag you down! I'm sure your wedding will be totally fab and probably all the more fun later on because some of the moaners will have gone home!!

    Good luck and make sure you enjoy your planning!
  • zenladzenlad Posts: 124
    Thanks for the pick me up Elly!!!

    You are right i shouldnt let them spoil our day!!

    Thanks!! - X
  • KorenaukKorenauk Posts: 627
    Lex i dont suppose your getting married on 11th Feb 07 are you?

    If so your my wedding twin! Hee Hee!!

    I have also had a few people mention they're leaving early because of work the next day! But if thats what they wanna do, thats up to them, they'll have a 2hour journey back!
  • zenladzenlad Posts: 124
    you are my wedding twin!!!!

    11/02/07 is the wedding date!!!! its also my birthday too!!!

    i like your attitude towards it all!!!

    Keep me posted on your plans - cant believe someone else is getting married on same day as me thought feb was not popular for weddings.

  • Hi all

    I am a sunday bride too!! 8 July 07 can't wait - all know what date and seem ok with it - just tough if not I am still gonna have the best day ever...

    Take careimage
  • lydiavnlydiavn Posts: 426
    Hi Lex,

    We have chosen a Sunday for our wedding. It did cause my parents to question it as you mentioned because of people needing to take the Monday off. Most of our freiends and all our family live 3hrs+ away. For this reason we have chosen a hotel so everyone can stay. I pointed out to my parents if we have it on a Friday (we can't afford the Saturday- it's £1500 for the same package then!) then every one will need to take the Thur and Friday off, so will actually be fewer days. It also means they can travel on the Saturday. You could have a quiet get together and drink the night before? I hope to go to the spa with my female family and bridesmaids on the morning of the wedding! Tee hee!

    I think if they are close friends they should be happy to take a day off and make it a long weekend to enjoy rather than just one afternoon.

    If they aren't content with that, then let them go to work the next day! It will save on your drinks package if no one is drinking so they can drive!

    People don't like change from the norm, it stretches their comfort zones! Ignore them and enjoy your special day!

    The other point we thought was that the money we saved by doing it on a sunday , it meant we could invite more friends. You could alternativly save your pennies and invite them to the ceremony but not the evening meal!?? Or am i just being mean now!?image

    Don't let it stress you, they aren't worth it if they give you a hard time!

    Take care! Lidi x
  • I'm a Sunday bride too. Like others have suggested, we've taken the attitude that if people don't think the wedding important enough to take the following day off work (where necessary) then we're not fussed about having them there anyway.

    I can't imagine the party will die, Lex. You'll be so happy you'll be dancing all night long, and no one's going to let you dance alone!

  • zenladzenlad Posts: 124
    Hi Girls - Thanks for all you sound advice with this. It has made me feel a lot better. I too went for sunday because it was cheaper and also because most of family own their own businesses they have sundays off.

    I am gonna party all night and your right I am forgetting the most important thing. I'll be so happy I'm married I wont care and its the people who care who will be there and that is what is important!!!!
  • KorenaukKorenauk Posts: 627
    Hi, Lex

    I cnt believe your getting married on same day, ive seen loads of people getting married on same day as each other but not same day as me!!

    95 days and counting!!

    Ive got all the planning done to be honest its only the finer things that need to be sorted with the venue!!

    So where are you getting married? Type of wedding you having? Colours? Has your dress arrived yet?
  • zenladzenlad Posts: 124
    Getting married in greek church and reception is on a golf course.

    Were having a grindian wedding ( I am greek, H2b is indian!)

    colour themes burgundy/ivory

    what type of flowers you going for?

    excited bout marrying my h2b but extremely nervous about the actual wedding day!!!
  • KorenaukKorenauk Posts: 627
    Your wedding will def be different if you do both traditions!! Are you having a fire ceremony? Are you wearing a dress or a sari?

    Im having silk flowers, i couldnt justify spending so much money on fresh flowers to myself!! My bouquet is cream, with Calla lilies, roses & Lily of the valley! Calla lilies are my fav, lily of the valley is in rememberance of my gma!

    My bridesmaids are in emerald green, my dress is soft gold, but the table decs are in white & Ivory! H2b Will be wearing a kilt, which i cnt wait to see!

    I cnt wait to marry David, but little nervous about being centre of attention for a whole day!!
  • zenladzenlad Posts: 124
    I feel exactly the same, dreading fact gonna be a lot of attention on me, the dress etc and my family arent shy of giving their opinion either. Gonna teach myself to have selective hearing!!!

    As for silk flowers my friend had them and nobody even noticed!!!

    Like the bridesmaids colours!!

    what dress you wearing?
  • KorenaukKorenauk Posts: 627
    Thanks, people thought i was mad coz i chose the bridesmaids colours before id even thought about colour themes or my wedding dress! I just knew it was either emerald green or black dresses i wanted!

    Here is the link to my dress, but will warn you its not a great pic, it looks so much better on. The model just doesnt do it justice!

    ive ordered it in soft gold!

    What about you, have you bought your dress? Do you have a pic?
  • zenladzenlad Posts: 124
    Hi Mrs Gavin2Be your dress is gorgeous!!!!!!

    Mine is by maggie sottero - website does not do it any justice

    I've ordered it in pale gold satin with ivory chiffon layer.

    when is your dress coming in?

    I knew my colours before i found my dress also - how weird is that???

    So how ya getting on with your plans? you having big do, medium or small.

    were having 230 for the sit down dinner!!! then bout 40 more in evening.

    Thank god were not having it in cyprus anymore as we were gonna have summit like 3000 guests coming!!! can you imagine that!!!

    Tell me where your up to with your plans!!

  • KorenaukKorenauk Posts: 627
    Hi Lex,

    Thank you, i dont like posting it coz the website doesnt do the dress justice!

    My dress came in last friday, 1 month early!! Im going to see it tom, and i have to try it on too!!

    Well compared to yours its a small do, there only gonna be about 75/80 people there all day!

    My plans are all done to be honest, they were all done about 1 month ago!! I got sooo excited i had the wedding sorted in 2months! We just have to confirm things with the castle and that about it really!

    What about you?

    Oh by the way WOW, your dress looks fabs!!
  • zenladzenlad Posts: 124
    A wedding in a castle!!! How romantic.

    Still got to find, cake, veil, tiara, jewellery, shoes for me and bmaids, H2B and best mens outifts, entertainment and the list goes on!!!!!!

    Been mad busy with my new job that i ended up burning the candle at both ends so went on wedding strike for last 5 months and now started talking about it again, It has finally caught up with me and dr signed me off for two weeks as kept fainting and felt dizzy constantly.

    Anyway I am back in work on Monday and have got a mad weekend ahead of me. Meeting up with the manager of the golf club to finalise plans and menu's etc, and going shopping with mu mum for cake, wedding dress outfits accesories and to see about getting my mums outfit for the day too.

    Let you know how I get on!!!

    Wish I was as organised as you and had it all sorted.

    Have a fab weekend.
  • KorenaukKorenauk Posts: 627

    At the time i didnt have a lot to do at work, so i spent my days looking on the internet mainly ebay for bargins!! Plus i only got enagaged in june, we planned for sept/oct next year. Found this castle, fell in love with it and h2b looked on the special deals. If we brought wedding forward to feb/march 07 then we would save 3k. So thats what we did! & I suppose im a little anal with things like this!!

    I tell a lie then, i have my jewellery to sort, my shoes oh & my basque!

    I bought my veil off ebay actually & its fab! I bought my bridesmaids jewellery off there too! My mum is buying the cake & the DJ was reccommended by the venue! Instead of a tiara ive got a headband with 3 flowers on & diamonte on them!

    Sorry to hear you got stressed out, but glad your better now!! Hope you enjoy rest of your planning!!

    Have fun shopping and i wanna hear about it monday!!

    Take Care xx
  • I am getting married on Sunday 6th May 2007, we went for this date as it was a Bank holiday weekend and no one will have to get up. Also it was cheaper and there was a lower number of heads required as a minimum not to pay room hire for having the large ballroom for the wedding breakfast and reception. I did want Good Friday but this was already booked at my venue so this was the nearest date that was good for us.

    I am sure everyone will come and have a good time whatever they are saying !! F x
  • Yes I'm getting married on a sunday - 27th May.

    It's actually the Whitsun bank holiday. As most of my family will have to travel I thought it would be nice for them to travel down leisurely on the saturday (rather than straight after work fri. night for a sat. wedding or rush down in the a.m.) and also thought it'd be okay seeing as the monday they can travel home at whatever time. Also, H2B is a chef and always works saturdays so we never get the day together - sunday is more of "our" day so thought it'd be more personal. I did have the Vicar say he tried to discourage sunday weddings because of the nature of the day but I personally think what better day to get married religious-wise???!

    Anyway, on sending out the save the date cards I did get the H2B nan ringing me up to ask whether I realised I'd put sunday on the card! She took it well though!!

    Am slightly worrying now though about hair and make-up. If push comes to shove I'll do make-up myself but really want my hairdresser to do hair but don't think she comes to the house and I'm not sure the salon opens on a sunday - arrrrgh image

    Good luck all sunday peeps xx
  • stkezstkez Posts: 2,247
    Im a sunday bride too. Im getting married the sunday of the August bank holiday, so the monday following is a BH.

    Our venue charge the same for a sat or a sun but the reason we picked the sunday is because we all work in the nightclub/pub business and people would have to leave on a sat night to go to work but a sunday people can stay all evening and have the bank hol mon and not work and stay over.

    Oh btw, Im having a Emerald Green and Gold theme for my colours too.

    K x
  • I was a Sunday Bride I got married on 28th May this year - the Bank Holiday Monday followed so there was no problem with people taking the day off work. I think that the people who wish to stay late will take the day off work anyway soI wouldn't worry about it xx
  • deecydeecy Posts: 7,493
    I'm glad I read this thread as I was thinking about a Sunday Civil Partnership in June - the adults getting the day off would be ok, but the kids having the day off school? There would be about 15 kids & as the possible venue is a about an hour away from home we were going to have about 15 rooms to accomodate all the guests.. not sure now if having time off work & kids off school on the monday afterwards would put people off.

    Hmmm, needs thinking about!
  • I'm a sunday bride too - 28th July 2007. We picked this date as we wanted it as close between our engagement and anniversary as possible.

    No one seems to mind that they are taking the day off - who likes to work on a Monday anyway - weirdo's if they do.....

    We figured as we are going back to Scotland to get married, all our friends etc from London (and all over) can chill if they come up on the Friday - do a bit of touristy stuff on the Saturday, enjoy the wedding on Sunday and head back home on the Monday.

    Those people who wont make the sacrifice to come to such a special day because they will have to use their annual leave or whatever reason they want to give you, aint worth the worry!

    Hope you have a wondeful day, I know I will, along with all my friends and family
  • LisukLisuk Posts: 233
    We're having sunday 21st July 07. In our jobs theres no such thing as a weekend anyway and its worked out better for a few reason, the venue was cheaper, cars were too. I've had a lot more choice and can take my time chosing thing as no one seems to have sundays booked up (although they're all fully booked for the saturdays). We know the people who are important to us will take the next day off work so thats never been an issue.
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