Weddings Overkill?

I can't believe it! Another couple of my friends have now got engaged too!!

I am really trying to be pleased for them as it is great news, but just feel v. blue that our day isn't going to be as special now.

Basically when H2B & I got engaged on holiday, another couple of our friends got engaged whilst they were away too. So that made 2 weddings next summer (ours: September 1st, theirs: July 8th). My boss then got engaged as well (July 21st), so I was thinking, OK that makes 3, but at least there's a gap.

However now these other friends have got engaged as well!! Their day is set for July 28th so that is 3 weddings before our Big Day!!

Everyone is going to be sick of weddings by the time it gets to ours (probably me included!!!)

I'm feeling v. sad and disappointed, but also feel bad as I AM really pleased for my friends, I just wish we were getting married first so didn't have so much to live up to!!

(Sorry for the rant, but you can sound spoilt & selfish on here & not have to worry what people think of you!!)


  • nicandleenicandlee Posts: 1,743
    I'm going through the same i've got 3 weddings in the space of a month my included, it may seem that there is alot but every wedding is different and with yours being the last one of the year it will be the best .

    Your not being selfish, i know it's just the feeling of deflation that everyone will be intrested in eveyone's wedding plans and not just yours.
  • VPukVPuk Posts: 580
    I am in the same boat and am just not worrying about it. All our friends tell us they are looking forward to three weddings in six weeks (ours being the last on 31 August) so i am just concentrating on sorting my own out and not worrying about it. All the weddings will be different and ours is going to be the most convenient for our guests to attend (being only a 25 minute drive from where we all live and all in one place) so I'm sure they'll enjoy that.

    There will also be some guests, remember, for whom yours is the only wedding next year, so they certainly won't be sick of weddings!
  • I really wouldn't worry about it, I get married later this month and it'll be the 6th wedding I've been to this year. I had as much fun at the 5th as I did at the 1st and all the others in between. If you plan your day the way you want I'm sure you won't be disappointed, everyone who turns up will be doing so because they want to share your special day with you, I'm sure it won't matter if they've been to lots of weddings beforehand. Good luck
  • Don't worry about it my friend gets married 3 weeks before me and although we are shopping around together we are both going down totally seperate routes on what were having, i am sure yours will be like that too.

    You will enjoy your day no matter what and as far as you will be concered it will be the best and most special out of all of them so you wont be bothered.
  • emmacorrollemmacorroll Posts: 2,264
    Thanks girls.

    I know in my heart of hearts that I'm just being silly, but I'm just worried that people will be comparing our day to all the other weddings (the 2 friends who are marrying will have all the same group of friend guests as us). One couple have their parents paying for everything and will spend thousands, and the other girl has been planning her day Forever and saving too!

    I'm also concerned that if they end up having things the same as I have chosen, I'll have to quickly change my plans during August so it doesn't seem like we are copying them!!

    This wedding stuff seems more hassle than it's worth - I just want to be married without all this stress!!!

  • emsukemsuk Posts: 1,267
    i was on the other side in the way that my h2b and i set a date for ours 6 weeks before our best friends wedding, we felt really guilty and tried not to mention it for weeks then decided that i should be happy its my turn to start planning so we told them and they couldn't be happier for us, but we did keep our plannign to a minimum in front of them out of consideration, the only difficult bit was when one of our mutual friends pipped up in the middle of their ceremony 'its yours next, not long now' etc etc i felt awful don't think many heard but still. hopefully your friends will be considerate too and remember that your day will be magical and no one can change that, they will also be feeling the same too. perhapes it will make planning all the better if your close enough and you could share suppliers, get discounts for double bookings, and of course nick ideas and (whisper- make your version better ! ) not to be mean but we all do it !

  • emmabusy2be

    completely agree with everything that's already been said about the weddings being different, and your day will be special to you and H2Bno matter what.

    look on the bright side, consider them wedding trial runs, check what doesn't work for them and make sure it doens't happen at yours. and if one the weddings has something really good that you hadn't thought of you can pinch their idea. plus you'll be able to wear your wedding outfit more than once.
  • I never thought of it like that when i booked my wedding two days before my friend. We booked ours so that we could go to theirs and vice versa. However, she has said that she cant come to mine as she is at a spa. I am really uspest and thought that she could have changed it with a years notice. She obviously thought i am being unreasonable (suppose it is a bit selfish) I want her to have a lovely time but now we have fell out. i would much rather have everyone there than worry who's wedding is 'better' and how many weddings ther are!

    Emma, I think everyone loves a good wedding and they are there to celebrate your happy day so dont worry!!
  • Same thing happened to me. My h2b proposed to me while we were away, and then a week later when my friend came back from her travels her hb2 had proposed to her. We set our date of 28th July next year, and then my friend set their date for 9th June next year. At first I was a little upset that she would be getting married so close to me, but then we both decided to embrace the fact that there will be 2 fantastic celebrations in 2 months. We have decided to have a joint hen weekend, then all our friends will be there. We speak regularly on the phone and discuss ideas and bargains! Also she is getting married in Scotland and my wedding is in Yorkshire. So our weddings will be so different. I am having the traditional english romantic wedding, and she is having a traditional Scottish theme..... So our weddings will be so different, the only thing that will be the same is our precious friends............

    So don't be disheartened, if you have true friends they will love to share your special days wether its 1 wedding in 2 months or 10 weddings in 2 months.

  • emmacorrollemmacorroll Posts: 2,264
    Thank you for all the v. sweet comments.

    I realise that I was being completely irrational and v. selfish now!!! Feeling much better about the whole wedding thing and have spoken with one of my friends about her wedding now and it sounds fantastic, but completely different to our day.

    H2B has begun to show an interest in our plans now so think this will help too.

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