anyone had or going to have a woodland wedding?

My h2b and i were thinking about having our wedding in the woods but we're not sure how to arrange it? so any tips would be very helpful. I would also like to here how other b2bs are getting on with planning their outdoor weddings.


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    hi Star,

    We're getting married outside in gardens, not quite woodland but its a ruined castle.
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    yes we are 'in the woods'

    i think it makes a lovely intimate setting

    do you have a specific wood in mind and are there facilities for you?

    whereabouts are you?

    i think you need somewhere for food, drinks and loos at a minimum

    here is ours you can click on the virtual tour and 'leidse hout' to see more of the woods



  • hi just been reading your replys. im so glad im not the only one planning to get married outdoors. donnas i did the virtual tour and it looks amazing. i live in devon and have not yet found the right woods but have started looking outside of devon. when are you getting married?


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    hi star

    we are doing the do on the 8th of june, glad you like the teahouse

    devon - my favourite county - lived in paignton when i was very little and go back there to visit my gran

    there must be somewhere in south devon - near the river dart perhaps?


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    We're getting married outside. Not in the woods, but under a big oak tree in the middle of a field. It's a short walk from an old barn where we're going to have the reception. Somerset based, so hopefully the southern weather will hold out!

    What kind of ceremony are you having?

  • donnasukdonnasuk Posts: 659

    just had a quick search on (metasearch engine that gives better results than google)

    it is difficult as most places listed are for hotels and i am guessing too formal for what you want (?)

    this place is very quirky

    this looks very nice too

    let us know how your seach goes


  • are you having a humanist ceremony? I didnt' think other ceremonies could be performed outdoors. I may well be wrong!
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    Neither did I! What kind of ceremony are you guys having?
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    i am in the netherlands and there are some places here where you can actually marry outside, from what i remember they are usually in the grounds of a hotel/monument

    actually our ceremony is in the townhall, the teahouse is for the reception

    my understanding was in the uk that only CofE ministers and Registrars can legally marry people, other ceremonies would be blessings - is this correct?

    i think it is nice to have some outside whatever venue you use, don't like to be stuck inside all day myself, and woods are very romantic


  • ravenukravenuk Posts: 124
    Hi Donnas. It's true there's no way you can get married outside in England at the moment, so we're going for a registry office (very quick civil job) on Thursday before. Then a humanist ceremony outside on Saturday.

    I totally agree, it's so nice being outside and really romantic!
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    your oak tree sounds beautiful - it makes me think about our place in time, to have something so old and majestic.

    do you have piccies of it and your barn?

    i think a humanist ceremony is very special too

    i was actually born in somerset (wellington) but never lived there, it is a beautiful part of the country



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    Thanks Donnas! I don't have a photo of the tree (will have to take one when it has leaves on - looks a bit sorry for itself now!) but it's big and old and in my mind just as majestic as any building.

    Brilliant that you can marry outside in the Netherlands - is that for religious and non religious weddings?


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    all legally binding ceremonies here are non-religious

    church weddings are not recognised by the state, and you have to also marry in a town hall (or other authorised place) by a registrar

    one really nice thing is that you meet the registrar beforehand in what is called an 'ondertrouw' (ours in in february) and they make the ceremony as personal as they can.

    you can of course write your own vows, we only have to say 'ja, ik wil'!!



  • hi its star again, can i ask what is a humanist ceremony? im not sure if it is legal to marry outdoors but the wife of my h2b friend is a registrar but does celtic vows, spiritual vows etc and she has told me that she has married people outdoors. im all confused now image thanks donnas for the sites gonna have a look now. and it is great to hear from others who are planning to do things outdoors on their wedding day. x
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    Hey star, have a look in the general chat bit. There's a thread on humanist ceremonies and katie73 posted a lovely humanist ceremony she had.

  • Thanks raven, i read katie73's humanist ceremony and that is the sort of thing me and my h2b were planing!! this is gonna sound stupid but we didn't know that that type of ceremony is known as a humanist ceremony. thanks again. x
  • I think they're getting more popular, but are still not so well known. Tell all your friends!!
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