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Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a few recomendations. I got engaged nearly two months ago now and still haven't got a ring!! :\(Won't feel official until I have. I am pleased that we'll be choosing it together though, despite my Fiance's great taste I think choosing is part of the fun and I love jewellery and want it to be spot on.

I'm looking for a recommendation for somewhere to buy a ring that is good quality and perhaps a bit of an unusual design, but a good reasonable price as Fiance is a penniless struggling artist!! :\)

I live in the midlands and while I'm happy to go spend a day wandering round the jewellery quarter in Birmingham I thought someone might know of a good online retailer or something.




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    You could try this guy chris-parry.co.uk - he's based in Kent and does some beautiful bespoke pieces.

    Edited to say I haven't used him for rings but the stuff on his site does look lovely!

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    Mine is the sirius ring from olagorie.com. I was exactly the same as you - engaged for ages and couldn't find a ring I liked. I love mine because it's really unusual - again, like you I wanted something a bit different! I'm not sure how to post a link but you should be able to find it in the 'shop' section of the site. There's also a wedding band to match that I think will look lovely. Just an idea for you, it might not be to your taste.

    Good luck with the search!
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    mines from hsamuel which i love. h2b and i chose it together, still hasnt arrived but its fab.

    http://www.hsamuel.co.uk/webstore/detail/R/6126200/?cm_re=Home-_-Feature 1-_-image

    the triolgy diamonds are on special at the moment so got it for a good price

    erin xxxx
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    Hi, I am the same, I am looking for my engagement ring for a few weeks now, I do look online, as it comes cheaper.

    You can try bluenile.co.uk, jpdiamonds.co.uk, madlydeeply.co.uk

    Mine one will probably be this one http://www.jpdiamonds.co.uk/ourcollection.php?do=product&pid=RM117

    Just type in google uk jewellers and you will find many websites where you could get better deal then in high street shops. We checked Pravins and very similar ring (95%) to mine with the same 4C's would cost £ 2850 and it was around £1600 online. It is worth to do a search. And also you get a certificate as well, whereas not every diamong ring is certified in shops ...Good luck!

  • katherine-pkatherine-p Posts: 2,947
    Thanks everyone!

    GJanet I was eyeing JP diamonds just after I posted, and I really like their emerald cut diamonds. They are pretty reasonable too.

    I'll look at some of the other recomendations too though, thanks.

    I've a feeling that H2B might take some convincing, I don't think he's quite thought through the budget yet. You don't get much sparkle for £20!!! :/D

    I will also try to post a picture when I find one, in the meantime I think I'll have to book a day off work to do some trying on in Birmingham!

  • Hi, it took me almost 2 months to find the perfect ring, and am absolutely over the moon with it. My h2b is a fisherman and my birthstone is aquamarine so once I saw this ring it was just perfect - fate almost!!


    it was ordered an delivered within a week, complete with engraving inside.

    I know it's not a diamond, but I had one of those 1st time round and my ex MIL chose it!!! So this time it was up to me, as is everything else with the wedding, am having the time of my life!!!!!
  • GabriellaukGabriellauk Posts: 574
    Hi nearlymrs, I really like emerald cuts too, but then we went to ernest jones to try it on and my h2b didn't like how it looked on my finger. So I looked at round brilliant and I have to say you get the most shine through with them, as they have around 56-58 fassets (the small cuts which reflects light) whereas the emerald get only 35-40...that's what we were told..but on the other hand - you have to feel this is the one, not to get into too much details ( like I did, all the 4C's etc...), you have to feel comfortablee in...it's so much fun though..image i am sure you find what you like...well and the cost??!! I would go for cheaper white gold, but my h2b doesn't want, he prefers platinum, so I have to stick with it, not that I mind, but i'd rather have bigger diamonds and white gold then platinum and smaller diamonds ( have to stick to budget ) oh well decisions, decisions...
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    Sounds like we have similar taste GJanet, I would also prefer bigger diamonds and white gold than platinum. I'm not too worried about the 4Cs, I agree it is more about how the ring looks on your finger.

    Having said that H2B seems to have his heart set on something in an unusual design, so we'll have to see. That's what you get for marrying an artist I guess!

    Really looking forward to trying lots on though, I am a bit of a ring junkie. In fact I would like a two tone wedding ring so that it ties in with all of my other jewellery rather than limiting me to one colour or the other, but again it is finding a nice design......
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  • Hello girls

    It took me five months to find my engagement ring - I eventually found it at Susan Astaire in London and it's fabulous, sparkles all the time. The really great thing about Susan is that you go and choose the diamonds yourself which makes it even more personal... we too had a crash course in the 4c's.

    Good luck!
  • katherine-pkatherine-p Posts: 2,947
    Hi Barnsdale does Susan Astaire have a website?

    Sounds lovely but London is a bit of a way for me and I'd worry that buying down south might be more expensive, so it would be nice to look at what she does and get an idea of her prices.

  • Hi

    I was the same I wanted to get something I really liked but also something which was good value. I used www.purelydiamonds.co.uk and got exactly what I wanted but less expensive than I expected.

    There is so much choice out there its hard to decide .image

  • MiswintsMiswints Posts: 139
    We got mine in Chicago - Tiffany's...their cuts are beautiful, they only use the best diamonds, I got a Princess cut .32 carat ( doesnt sound huge but looks bigger and stunning because of the cut) on a platinum knife edge band , H colour and VS1 for $2000 ( at today exchange rate..its amazing)...you get certificate etc sent back home - something to think about if friends/family going away...or an excuse for a trip to NY city!! x
  • Like Miswints, I got my ring from Tiffany's, but from 5th Avenue in NYC. It's a .62 carat princess cut on a platinum knife edge band (I'm guessing we have the same ring!), D colour, VVS1. I absolutely adore it. The service and experience is second to none, and my diamond is the nicest I've seen (mind you, I would say that!). At the exchange rate as well, we got a fantastic bargain - it would have been in £ what we paid in $.

    It really sparkles, and the cuts are perfect - Tiffany's are picky about the diamonds they use as has been mentioned.

    As someone else was also saying, I originally wanted an emerald cut, but because they don't have as many facets as a princess cut, they're just not as sparkly as I wanted. Definitely something to bear in mind!
  • sarahrobsonuksarahrobsonuk Posts: 3,266
    Emerald cut have so few facets, its worth buying a very good clarity grade, ie VVS1 because a lot of the inclusions can be seen with the naked eye on lower clarity grades. The Princess and brilliant cut, hide the inclusions better because the facets are more reflective.
  • katherine-pkatherine-p Posts: 2,947
    Thanks Ladies, great advice, I have looked at a couple of brilliant cuts online and seen one I quite like, it had a sort of spiral setting that made it look a bit more unusual. I really need to do some trying on....

    Sadly I don't think H2B would agree to a trip to NYC just for ring shopping....... Brum isn't quite as glam is it!!! image
  • kellyh08kellyh08 Posts: 54

    Try JSO Online - they have a great selection of unusual rings & help & advice from them is fab

  • katherine-pkatherine-p Posts: 2,947
    Thanks Kelbell can you post a link please?

  • kellyh08kellyh08 Posts: 54



    Happy shopping x

  • katherine-pkatherine-p Posts: 2,947
    Thanks for that, I've had a look and they have got some lovely rings, look a bit expensive compared to purely diamonds and some of those sites but perhaps the prices include particularly good diamonds.
  • MummyFeeFeeMummyFeeFee Posts: 81

    Have you thought about having something made? I had the same problem looking for rings and I kept thinking to myself that if I couldn't see anything that was right for me what hope did H2B have?!! It was actually him that suggested getting something made. It only really works out expensive if you chose big expensive stones or lots of platinum (which is double the price of gold at the moment apparently). Lots of jewellers do this I think, though probably not large chain stores. I decided not to have a diamond - I thought it might be quite nice to have something a bit different so I'm have an aquamarine. A jewellers local to me is making a couple of mock ups as we couldn't decide whether to have it set in platinum on a gold band or vice versa. It's costing about £800 I think if we go for mainly gold. The same ring with the same size stone and gold band would cost £8k if it were a diamond. More importantly, it's being made to my specifications and it's unique.


    Fiona x
  • amy82amy82 Posts: 264
    Hi - H2B (at the time) had my ring made a surprise, incorporating all the elements that I'd mentioned over the years as liking (he was listening apparently!). I've got a marquise cut, set at an angle with two pink saphires which gives it a gorgeously unusual look, and it's unique!

    Made by Harriet Kelsall (unfortunately far away from Brum) it's not unlike this one - http://www.hkjewellery.co.uk/details/web/type/ring/id/1462

    I loved the service they gave us when we went back to have the bands made, they were very flexible and weren't satisfied till we were!

    Best of luck!

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    Hello All

    hope you are all well, i had a nightmare a gilrs worst night mare, anyway H2B proposed all romantic in Disney paris news year eve and pop the question with a lovely 3 square white gold diamond ring. when got home then was my surprise 30th and was showing off the ring when notice shock horror one of the diamonds had fallen out. arrragh. H2B was not happy as you can image took it back then got a new one (same ring) 2 weeks later it happened again arrragh. I was in tears and so H2B march into the well know jewllerys and demande the money back. Final got one that is just as nice white gold one square princess cut with diamonds on the neck of the ring. xxx
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    Hi there, We got engaged in April (Good Friday) when my h2b had it in his pocket all night before asking me in front of my very close friends at a beautiful restaurant in Sheffield. It is from Philip Stoner, in Leeds' Victoria Quarter. It's a platinum band, VS1 princess .75 diamond and is breathe taking. I had it cleaned today for our engagement party tomorrow and it is just amazing. It's held on suspension too and is just so different.The rings there are unique and the service was second to none. There are so many rings out there, but really it's all down to personal taste.
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    Hello, ladies and thanks to everyone who recommended somewhere to look for an engagement ring.

    I have finally got one!!! Yay!!!

    We bought it four weeks ago in the jewellery quarter in birmingham from a shop called Cirrus, their website is www.diamonddealerdirect.co.uk.

    They were really good, gave loads of advice and got lots of loose diamonds out for us to look at and let me try on some different settings.

    I ended up with a 0.6ct diamond!! Bigger than I thought I'd get!!!

    It is a round brilliant cut in a setting they call sienna which is three prongs. It sits high off my finger so i can have whatever wedding ring I want.

    Really pleased with it and now feel properly engaged, next job is sorting out a venue and date!!!
  • katherine-pkatherine-p Posts: 2,947
    Oh and best of all they have a price promise so I got a ring within budget that is valued at twice our budget!!
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