Dont ever wear any now i've got2!!!STRESSED!!!

Please could I have some help!!!?

I don't ever wear make-up (apart from eyes only on a night out - but htey don't really happent hat often!!!) and I hadn't actually thought about any make-up on The Day. but... as it's getting nearer (still another 12 weeks to go!!!) I'm getting more and more people saying to me "what are you doing for your hair n makeup?"


Right... please give me as much hints and advice about it all as poss!!! I'm really, seriously getting stressed out n al upset about it all now!!!


I have the thickest hair in the world!!! (literally!!!) and it's REALLY curly and it's a browny colour with natural subtle shades of copper in it. At the mo tho it's been dyed (back in April) blonde streaks - flippin awful!!! waiting for them to grow out!!!


clear cheeks, REEEEEEEALLY spotty chin!!!, pretty eyes, but hidden behind glasses and i'm kinda fair.

my dress is white and very bling bling!!!




  • EllyukEllyuk Posts: 293
    Hi Pink,

    Don't stress!!

    I'd suggest taking yourself off to a department store like Debenhams or else somewhere like Body Shop and having one of their free make up sessions. Just explain what you'd like (i.e. fairly natural I'm guessing, emphasising your eyes and covering up chin etc) and then let them try out a few things on you. Or do you have any friends/sisters etc who are good at makeup? Maybe they could help you out and help you try out a few things until you find what you like.

    For your hair why don't you head for the hairdresser for a hair do trial. Are you having a tiara or anything like that? If so then take that along with you. Take any pics out of magazines of hair looks that you like and see what they come up with. They'd also be able to help you with the blond bits if you wanted to get rid of them. You'd have to pay for this but it would be worth it I think.

    Don't panic, I'm sure you'll be absolutely fine.

    Just take a deep breath and try some bits out and see what you think.

    Hope that's helped. Fingers crossed for you.

    Elly X
  • Lou_1986Lou_1986 Posts: 1,584
    i agree with elly definately get yourself into a department store and try out loads of free makeovers work out which one you like best and either go in and have that done again (be cheeky) on your wedding day (if possible) or buy the products they used and do it yourself or get someone else to do it. but make sure you pay attention to how they are applying things or get your friend to watch so she can help. i have had a few makeovers done by a company called Benefit, i love thier products as they are bright and bold and different but they also did an amzing look on me for a photoshoot i had image it is always worth trying it

    hope that helps
  • Thank you Elly & Lou_1986!!!

    Will pop on down to a make up stand somehwere!!! (prob debenhams/boots!) and drag one of my bridesmaids wiht me!!!

    i'm not getting stressed by anything else for the day, just this!!!

    it's cuz i dont wear it normally too!

    also, i used to have such a clear complexion up until about 6months ago!!! luckily (i guess) it's only my chin!!!

    alway had a problem with huge frizzy curly hair tho1!!

    thank you again

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