Help! Make Up artist..

I had a make up trial yesterday and it was a disaster. Really awful and she would not take on board anything I was saying. Left me with greasy looking face and black eyes and cost me £70.

Can anyone highly recommend a make up artist who will work in Surrey?

I am really nervous now about booking another trial and wasting even more money...

Please Help!


  • tlsmithuktlsmithuk Posts: 11
    Hi .. sounds dreadful!| - and very annoying having to part with 70 quid for terrible service! Just a thought - Have you considered not bothering with a make up artist and doing it yourself? I found out when I popped into a department store that most brands do free wedding consultations, then when you buy the stuff, will even let you come back for a practice run or two with their artists. That way, you can spend the cash on make-up you get to keep rather than booking a make -up artist who may or may not do what you want ...

    Tam x
  • chaninechanine Posts: 256
    Hi MrsP2P where in Surrey? we're in merton and i had my make up trail a couple of weeks ago and the lady was brilliant, Friendly and not a bad price either. She also sells the products she uses. so I have ordered two lipsticks for me and my daughter for the day, she is doing my make up, my two daughters and my mother all for £110.

  • chaninechanine Posts: 256
    sorry i should've said thats for all of us for the trial, and for the day and with the lipsticks
  • kelukkeluk Posts: 1,467
    chanine who is this lady you using as im getting married in surrey and she sounds great,does she do hair?
  • chaninechanine Posts: 256
    Hi Mrs Cochrane

    I've sent you an email with the lady's name and number. where in surrey are you getting married?
  • kelukkeluk Posts: 1,467
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