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Hi all!

I get married on the 1st August and am doing my own make up.Got my base sorted (foundation/powder/blush) but am unsure on colours for my eyes. I am brunette with very fair skin, greeny brown eyes and my wedding colours are champagne and ivory, I usually wear very little make up, I prefer the natural look and although I know I need more make up to show up in photos the whole wedding is very simple so want my make up to follow suit. What sort of colours would be good for my eyes? Shoud I go for a single colour all over eyelid or blend a palette of colours? Matte or irridescent? I am rubbish at this stuff!!:\?


  • Beckley26Beckley26 Posts: 78
    I am getting married on the same day.

    I too have dark hair, but olive skin. I am going neutral on my eyes and having a palette of lovely shimmery browns. have you thought about going for a makeup lesson? I had one before my brothers wedding last year and it really helped. anyway good luck and have a lovely day
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