False Lashes Anyone???

Considering them as I have long eyelashes but would like it to appear as though I have 'more' of them. Wondering whether to go to MAC as they do a set of individual ones. Anyone else wearing falsies?? xx


  • Hi Tiffany,

    I think i'm going to be wearing a few individual lashes, i went for a m.a.c make up trial the other day, it was fab! i saw the mac ones then but didnt get to try them. I think individual ones can look more natural, but depends on the look you want. I'm planning to wear them 2 give my eyes more oommphh, but will have a trial with them first i think! x
  • moomin05moomin05 Posts: 2,442
    I'll be wearing individual false lashes. Like you I have long lashes but they are quite fine so want to 'bulk' them up a bit. Ive tried the strip lashes but end up looking a bit like a drag queen!

    I havent chosen a makeup person yet but I'll be asking them to put them on for me on the day as they are really hard to put on yourself!
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    hi i had a MAC makeover a few weeks ago & she put some false eyelashes on me too....i would def fecommend getting some. I thought it would be really hard applying them but they are really easy. They make ur eyes look fab!!! I ended up booking the MAC lady to come to my house on the morning of the wedding to create the same make over so she will apply them on the day 4 me tho as im sure my hands will be too shakey!!!

    I also wear eyelure's glamour strips too which are really good.

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    Yes I'm also wearing individual lashes on the outer lashes - my makeup artist will be doing them for me. I think they look great with either a natural or dramatic look.

    Go for it!;\)
  • Thanks girls!! I know what you mean about strip lashes they look a bit too 'obvious' I think. I was planning on having a MAC trial so might buy them then and ask them to apply a couple for me so I can learn as I'm planning to do make-up myself. I will see how confident I feel and perhaps do them myself!! By the way girly wurly, saw your hair trial thread, your hair looked fab!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Yeah go for it hun, there really good at the mac counters as there all freelance make up artists, well the one in leeds is so im guessing there all the same! She did my eyes brilliant, and its also like a make up lesson aswell, and she wrote down all the colours of the 3 eye shadows she used aswell as everything else! I'm not going 2 hire her for the day but i'm either going 2 try and recreate it with most of the products she used, or ask a friend of mine who is a make up artist and have a trial with her! Aww, thanks about the hair trial comment image xx
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    I went to New York during half term and had a free bridal makeover at MAC in Bloomindales (wanted to buy the make-up over there as its much cheaper than the Uk).

    The make-up artist used false lashes on me but they only went half way up the eye (from the outer corner) they were really easy to put on and lasted all day - Im going to use them on my big day next year. They weren't too over the top either - very vintage!

    Mrs H to be x

  • loweellieloweellie Posts: 1,196
    MAc no. 7 lashes are fab. they r strip not indivudal, but please try them, most mac artists ive been told use no.7 mac. makeup artist can trim them if you want them to be shaped more at edges or just cut down a bit. xxxxx
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    hey ladies i had them done for this weekend as it was my hen weekend away!!! I had the mac individual 1s which looked amazing but oh mighty god, check the glue 1st as my aunty (qualified beautician may i add) applied them and within a few hours my eyes swelled and were itching and running so bad i had to be held down and have them pulled off which has left my own lashes short!!! i was soooo upset wandering around blackpool with my chanels on until my eyes calmed down. luckily they were settled by sat nite! it may of just been my eyes been sensitive to the lashes and glue but i was planning to have them applied on the sat as i marry on sun 3rd aug but not now. just goin with lashings of diorhow mascara!!! good luck with them. xx
  • Oh wow, thanks for the tip dior, will definitely do a trial run then well in advance of d-day!!! xxxxxxxxxx
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