Biosculpture Gel Nails

Hi everyone,

Does anyone know anything about biosculpture gel nails? I've been told that they are meant to be kind to your nails, but how do they work?

I'm a complete nail novice - my own nails are not massively long, but they're not bitten down to my finger either. I want to have a french manicure done for the wedding - when should I get my nails done and would you recommend a trial beforehand? Also, how can I find out which salons do the biosculpture gel nails?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!




  • hi bio sculpture are a kinder alternatitve to false nails. they are applied very thinly to your natural nail in either colour or french and can be soaked off when you return home. leaving minimal damage. go to bio sculpture website and see if they have a list of trained techs.

  • Thanks Hayley,

    Do you know if they extend your nails, or do they only cover the existing, natural nail?

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