Make up Edinburgh/West Lothian??

have contacted a couple of people but they have either not got back to me or cost the earth. Please help.



  • vandaukvandauk Posts: 8
    Try Scottish Wedding Directory. Can't recommend from experience as I've decided to do my own.
  • hp012hp012 Posts: 262
    try preen, metamorphasis or alexis miller
  • Are you anywhere near Livingston? West Lothian teaching college are out there and they might be worth a visit! I went to get my hair cut there and the person who did my hair works in a good local salon and was at the college just to top up her colouring skills. A lot of the students are actually already qualified but just brushing up or learning new skills. It is a really cheap way to get trials done and if you find someone you really like you could ask them if they would do your wedding day.

    Good luck!
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