Another day another dilemma!Clip in hair extensions - views?

Hello ladies

am sat here watching a program on bbc3 with Jamelia about hair extensions Think its supposed to put you off but has had the opposite effect on me!).

Have always dismissed extensions before as have always been a bit worried about the whole 'gluing them to your own hair' thing as didn't want to ruin my hair. However if can clip them in (even just for the wedding day) think I quite like the idea.

Has anyone ever tried them and are they any good?

My hair is just past shoulder length but love the idea of long tresses on the day

So girls - opinions please!!


Ps - also where do you get them from? Have seen a few sites on the internet but surely is difficult to match them to your own hair without seeing them? again all reccommendations appreciated!!!


  • bradowellsbradowells Posts: 694
    debenhams do clip ins they do fake hair not sure about real hair. you could try there to match the shade then order some from ebay. debs do jessica simpson ones whihc you can defo buy on the internet. I saw the prog with Jamelia!
  • oooh thanks bradowells

    will nip into debs this week and have a look

    program was a bit odd really - felt awful for that poor russian girl cutting all that amazing hair off but then she did get paid quite a lot of money for it...

    also, was v surprised at all those school girls with hair extensions! I always see teenagers with long flowing locks and curse the day I discovered hair dye and straightners, thinking that if my hair wasn't damaged it would be all long and lovely - feek much better knowing theirs is all clipped in as well!!!

  • tammytimamytammytimamy Posts: 159
    I had a hair trial with American dream (I think) hair extensions using real hair, and they're clip in. They felt quite comfy actually, and kind of like loads of curby-grips in so it felt quite secure. They have loads of colours too and found some that are a really good colour match with my own hair, although you can get them coloured too if you take them into your hairdresser when geting your own hair done. Got them from Sally's hair and beauty supplies and are £16.99 a pack (they say you are best with 3 packs, but found I needed and extra one for the back) but I got a discount as have a card (from my college days doing beauty therapy!). I think their website is Hope this helps.
  • kellyevans81kellyevans81 Posts: 1,696
    I got mine from ebay and they are really good quality.

    I think I'll need some practice putting them in but they seem to be really good and not too expensive

    these are the ones I got:
  • oooh thanks ladies!

    bought a kit this weekend from sallys so am planning on sewing it all together tonight!

  • susan140407susan140407 Posts: 115

    I had them for the day. My make-up artists had them for herself and amazingly they were the right colour for me. I have curly (frizzy!) shoulder length hair. They were small sections of about 2 inches long and she clipped them in for me and then used straighteners to curls all my hair and the fake bits so it all blended in well. I've got to be honest they looked amazing and my wedding pictures are to die for, but the hurt like hell!!!!! I've never worn them before and didn't trial them. I only had the service and an afternoon reception so had them in for about 5 hours. The really pull on your roots and hurt image I'd have a trial go and see how you feel mate xxx
  • clarekellclarekell Posts: 6,666
    My best friend wears them and they are amazing.

    She got them from a shop who colour matched to her hair and they really DO transform her look

    Seriously try these! x x x
  • jobabyukjobabyuk Posts: 366
    Hi there,

    I wore the clip in human hair extension for my wedding abroad and then for the reception at home, i got mine from pauls world in manchester, i actually bought the wefts of hair and cut them to size and sewn the clips on myself but the do sell the completed extensions they just workout a little more. if you email me i'll send you some pics. I loved them, and had no problems with the at all. they also have a website hope this helps

    Jo x
  • lilmissbridelilmissbride Posts: 502
    If you have a Sallys near you they have a whole range of real hair clip in extensions in a variety of colours. I'm wearing them on the day but just to give my hair the extra length I need for the updo. My hair dresser warned me against the Jessica Simpson ones. If you get real hair clip ins your hair dresser can put a few highlights through them so that they match your hair perfectly x
  • riaxxxxriaxxxx Posts: 478
    Iv got extenstions sewn in at the mo, my hair wasonly above my shoulders, i really like having long hair. I got the hair fo 30 ponds from my local chemist and then a friend of a friend sewn them in for 20 pounds!!
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