hair/makeup recommendations in aberdeen?

Hi all, can anyone recomend good hair/makeup people in aberdeen? would prefer ones who will come to my house on the day but have no idea who does it or where to start looking so if anyone has used anyone good they can recommend id be really grateful, cheers. x


  • anahiscanahisc Posts: 166
    I went to the Grampian Wedding directory and started calling people. Or go to the salons and aske there about bridal packages. Ishoka and Angels have a good one. Or contact Ria hair in Banchory. I chose the Hair House since it's close to my office, can go to my house on a Sunday and don't have a minimum number of guests to treat. Hope it helps.
  • skinnyhipsskinnyhips Posts: 1,321
    Hi anahisc, thanks ive been phoning around today and have also settled for claire at hairhouse, what a coincidence hey? so are you already married? or when is yours? have you been for any trials?
  • anahiscanahisc Posts: 166
    Really? Thats great! Noo, not married yet nor trials. My wedding is next year but I panicked since first I called a mobile hairdresser and is already booked for my day. So excited ot go for trials image Glad I helped.
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