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aargh! Straplines!

Hi girls

Went out Sunday for the day, put a big white shirt on and religiously put sunblock on the exposed bits as if I catch the sun the colour doesn't fade for months and I didn't want to be stripey for the wedding (9th Aug). Got home and found that the sun had penetrated through the shirt and I have @*&^%@ strapmarks on my back on one side. Looks ridiculous.

Sunbeds have no effect on my skin so are a complete waste of money, and I'm completely cack-handed at putting self tan on. Can anyone suggest what I could do? Would a spray tan work do you think and how long would it last?

Thanks! (I'll be in a dark room having a fit:lolimage


  • clarekellclarekell Posts: 6,666
    Exfoliate and use Dove self tanning lotion sparingly over the days to make sure that you even out the tan.

    I would be reluctant to get a spray tan just incase it came off on the dress.

    Hope this helps x x x
  • mrsfitztobemrsfitztobe Posts: 740
    Spray can could work? I've had them done several times, but never tried to cover up lines. Would recomment having it done at least 2 days before though
  • MrsWildeToBeMrsWildeToBe Posts: 150
    Maybe somewhere professional for a spray tan? They will be able to blend it in.

    You also have over a week before the wedding - plenty of time to exfoliate lots and try to reduce it naturally.

    Also, if you're out in the sun, make sure you wear tube tops, so that hopefully your tan will even itself out.

  • spiralqueenspiralqueen Posts: 295
    How long would a spray tan last? Could I get it done now and it still last untl the 9th?

    Normally if I get a bit of sunburn the marks last for about 6 months so these strapmarks will still be showing next year.
  • Vixen78Vixen78 Posts: 425
    I would try the st tropez tan about 5 days before the wedding so as to decrease the chances of it rubbing off on your dress.
  • emmyjaneukemmyjaneuk Posts: 256
    Are you actually burn't tho? if so natural live yogurt can take away the red. If its just normal tanlines then either professional spray tan the white bits but exfoliate loads then have it 4-5 days before. OR get someone to put a very high factor on the dark bits and maybe a factor 6 (or lower if your brave!) on the white bits and get back in the sun! and even it out. good luck!! I have about 8 weeks to go and I'm not taking any chances and only wearing strapless tops with high sunscreen out in sun, but if can avoid being out in the sun I will! I'll be the one under a hat, umbrella, factor 20 and in the shade!!! lol
  • albanydalbanyd Posts: 45
    I have the same problem (and the same wedding day- yeahy!) but I would be careful about a spray tan. I had one a few weeks ago as a trial and it looked really unnatural. A few photographers have warned against it too from experience.

    I was out in the sun yesterday and did the sun cream thing that Mrs S recommended and it looks a lot better. I think that a few sunbeds will make a difference no matter how small- I have also had to resort to it...

    Good luck.
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