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Hi ladies, it is 5 months today until my big day and I feel like I really need to get myself in shape! Since I got engaged I have been having 6 weekly facials, but only the freebie type ones in the Clarins red room in Debenhams. Don't get me wrong they have been quite good but I feel that I need 5 months of amazing facials just up to the big day. However, I am at a loss as to which facial to have and where to go and I wondered if anyone had any recommendations? I live in the north west but don't mind travelling! Thanks, Emma x


  • scoobylou4scoobylou4 Posts: 208
    I would definitely recommend Decleor facials they are fantastic and leave your skin looking and feeling radiant. I have been using Decleor products for years and they are the best!
  • JannelleCJannelleC Posts: 1,113
    I recommend bioelements facials. My lady had given me phytomere ones and I broke out but the bioelements are great. I go every month. If you want to do one at home, order their kerafole and put it on your face 7 nights in a row for 10 minutes and you'll get a low grade facial peel. My face felt like a baby's bottom! You don't want to do that very often but if you'd like to kickstart your facials stuff, I'd recommend it! Course the bioelements salon level facial peel did even more for me but your face peels like a sunburn for almost a week. I plan on doing that maybe twice a year now with that weekly kerfole treatment maybe twice a year...can't do salon quality facial peels during the summer because of higher exposure to the sun so do my at home treatment then. Good luck!
  • MrsWildeToBeMrsWildeToBe Posts: 150
    If your skin is sensitive, I really recommend DCL Skincare products, facials and peels.

    I have also enjoyed facials using DoveSpa and Ole Hendriksen products. I had an AMAZING facial at the Ritz Carlton in NYC, using La Prairie products - expensive but really luxurious.

    I've had a Guinot facial that I thought was pretty rubbish. It seems to be more of a fashion brand than a skin nourishment brand.

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