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Short Hair????

My hair is very short, and I normally wear it quite textured and spikey. My wedding is in October and I'm finding it hard to decide what to do. I want to wear a veil, and a small ish tiara, but I'm worried about having enough hair to hold them in! I only moved to where I live a year ago, and I haven't yet found a hairdresser that I know well and trust. Any advise?


  • MrsB06102009MrsB06102009 Posts: 268

    check out the live web chat at 4.00pm today.

    My hair is also short and having a nightmare deciding how to have it
  • Mine's short too I've been growing it since I got engaged because I wanted the tiara and veil. I've now bought a hairband tiara which gives some height and I'm going to get my hairdresser to give me an up do (if possible, it's still rather short) that still makes me look like me, because that's more important. I've decided if an updo isn't possible or doesn't look right I'm going to do it myself and have it as sleek and straight as poss.

    As for your hairdresser prob mrsfitztobe visit a few salons for a bridal trial and see which you like, if you are going to have your hair like normal almost try and do it yourself you'll know how your hair behaves and how to get it looking just right plus you'll be able to fix it yourself easily if needed.

    Hope that helps.

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