Can anyone recommend professional tan, central London?


I don't trust myself to do a good job with fake tan lotions & potions; would prefer a tanning treatment from a professional for my big day. Does anyone know of any good ones, e.g. from the salons in central London department stores such as Selfridges or professional spas etc.

I'm thinking of having it done on the wednesday before my saturday wedding but not sure of the timings for these things, is this is a good idea. Can anyone help this salon-tanning novice please?? ;\)

Thank you!


  • Louiseallan1Louiseallan1 Posts: 620
    I'd def recommend trying one out first and wear white underwear and white top after. Problem is, most rub off around bust and underarms. Even the non-wash off ones. Its because the skin is drier and rubs off. I'd def recommend lots of exfoliating and moisturising before hand. My friend has regular spray tans (that someone applies not a booth) and it always looks great. Hers looks great for approx 2 days but then starts to look a little patchy. I'd prob say thurs is better, just in case.

    I'm a regular fake tanner as me and my sister were both dancers. I'm being very naughty and having a few sunbeds before the big day. I know I'll receive lots of criticism for it but I have bad skin and know it will help and to be honest I'm wiling to risk it.

    Hope it goes well. x
  • debronukdebronuk Posts: 379
    I went to the sun room:

    46, Newman St,


    W1T 1QG

    Tel: 020 7637 3763

    They were lovely but always recommend that you have a trial run. I had a st tropez (two coats but I am fair so one would have been better) and Tues or Wed made it good for the saturday.

    Give them a call and speak to the guy that owns the salon, just talking to him on the phone and explaining what I wanted made me feel really reassured.

    DO NOT do it without a trial run though....
  • Katie78ukKatie78uk Posts: 195
    Thanks for posting this fabbride - I'm whiter than white and think I need a bit of colour for my big day but not sure where to go and which brand to choose!

    debron - did you have a spray tan and did you find the colour quite natural?
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