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Any hairdressers here? I have just had a full head of highlights for the first time ( usually just get half head) at a different salon ( thought i'd save time and money) . Disaster - i now have one section of white hair while all the rest looks more natural, not only that but i have a huge line across the front where the foil was (about 1 cm from the scalp!) and my pillowcase has been bleached as they peroxide has obviously not been rinsed out properly - what should i do? I have phoned the salon to say i'm coming in for a refund but they say they can't do that but will fix it - like i'm going to let them near my hair again!! It cost me £125 what should i do, how can i force them to refund me and what can i do to fix my hair - wedding in 52 days! I have naturally curly hair so it's more brittle than straight hair too, i'm scared if i get more stuff put in to correct the white bit that it will destroy the condition of my hair - HELP!

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    oh dear

    I understand why you wouldn't want to go back. But speak to the manager/owner and explain that not only are you upset because your hair looks terrible, but they have ruined your hairstyle that you wanted for your wedding. explain that you don't trust them to fix it, you'll go elsewhere but you would like them to give your treatment instead at some other time in lieu of the highlights to help repair the damage to your hair. I suggest that you buy some leave-in conditioners and hair masks to do some home treatments as well. I'm sure you'll be fine. good luck!
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    oh dear, ok well the fact that your pillow case has been bleached is strange, if there is still bleach in your hair you need to get it out asap.

    Go down to the hairdressers and ask to speak to the manager/owner and show them your hair, explain why your not happy and by the sounds of it if they cant see it they are being ridiculous. Explain that you are getting married and you do not feel comfortable letting the hairdresser near your hair again and want your money back.

    Unfortunatley its not illegal for an untrained hairdresser to practice so its very difficult to make a formal complaint.

    the only other option is to get the owner/manager to do your hair, but ask to see some qualifications. if you still dont feel comfortable you may have to cut your losses and go back to your hairdresser you trust x
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    Thanks girls, i have already made an appointment at my own salon where i've never had a problem before, unfortunately i'm going to have to pay a lot more there to get it sorted - annoying as the main reason i went to this other salon was to save a bit of money - i'm sure you all know how tight things get in the run up to the big day!I guess i'll just have to stick it onto the credit card and sort it later.

    It would just have been a bit of a help if i could get a refund to cover at least some of the repair work - Argh! I am so upset, i've hardly eaten anything!

    I wasn't sure if you have the same statutory rights with hair styling as if you purchase an actual product, i guess it's hard to prove it's faulty if they don't think it is!

    One things for sure, i'm not letting them near my hair with any more chemicals!

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    Hi There,

    You do need to speak to the manager, and explain that the stylist has made such a mess that now it is going to cost your more else where to remedy the whole thing. Although it isn't illegal to be untrained and practise it is illegal to do so without making the person aware of this before hand, just explain that you would like a refund or you will send them with the bill to fix the mess. You should def go straight to the manager though, because at the end of the day no self respecting stylist would want to put their name to a bad style.

    Don't let it get to you anymore, everything can be fixed, but you definitely need a fair few treatments.

    Keep us updated

  • Suej11Suej11 Posts: 137
    Well, to update you all, i re-visited the salon last night and spoke with the owner who admitted that it wasn't right but refused to refund the money, they offered to fix it but that was all. She didn't even once say sorry! As it is only 7 weeks til my wedding there's no way i'm taking a chance of letting them put any more colour in my hair and have booked to go back to the girl at my own salon who normally does my hair who is going to put some lowlights through it to break up the white bit and make it look more natural. I can't believe there is no way i can get a refund when i have obviously not received the service that i've paid for. They didn't even offer to compensate me for the damaged bedlinen - in fact they even had the cheek to question that that had caused it - like a pillowcase turns colour overnight by itself!!! Does anyone know if hairdressers are regulated in any way and if anyone has any experience of involving trading standards?
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    The hairdresser was providing a service and should have exercised reasonable skill and care whilst doing so, as required by the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982.

    Howevere, they do not have to pay for you to go elsewhere to rectify it, but they do have to rectify it free of charge until you are happy with it.

    You should complain to the owner of the salon in writing and include photographic evidence.

    If the hairdresser is a member of the Hairdressing Council you may be able to use that organisation's conciliation service.

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