Mobile hairdressers - Edinburgh area

Hi everyone,

Can anyone recommend any good mobile hairdressers in the Edinburgh area and a rough cost (on a tight budget)? Despite planning on doing my own hair my 3 bridesmaids and my mother all want a hairdresser - and having had no luck doing my own trials I am coming round to the idea!

Any help would be really appreciated!



  • hp012hp012 Posts: 262

    I have my trial with Alexis Miller in a few weeks she is based in Glasgow but will travel to edinburgh for Hair and make-up

    the price is really good £15 for hair and £45 for make-up

    she has a website, not sure how good she is as haven't had trial yet but she seems really nice and helpful

  • She looks really good - thanks so much!

    Hope the trial goes well!

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