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I just got back from having the gel overlay put over my own nails, this will keep my own nails from breaking.My own nails are a good lenght and i wanted to make sure they'd stay that way for the wedding[ 19 days!!] The guy that did them did a great job. He finished by air brushing a lovely white tip on to the nail, i'm going to get some art for the wedding though..maybe hearts on the ring finger etc! They only cost me £22 too...Yeh!! xx image


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    i had gel nails put on my own on Saturday, and I love them.

    My nails are ok lengthwise,but I don't ger married until 19th Aug so I'm going to have them re-done a few days beforehand.

    I've got an irredescent sparkle put in mine but it cost me £37 so you got a bargain. Well done you...

    Were you told to re-apply a top coat every 3-4 days to keep them bright?image
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    bride74, who did them? i don't suppose you're in derby are you? well done £22 is fab!

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    Nail city did them. Sorry , not near Derby...West London! I'm going to have to pop back and see him as our wedding is on the 18th Aug, then 2 weeks honeymoon...i want them to look good for the whole time away too.He didn't tell me to give them a top coat..Good tip thanks! x image

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