Ahhhhh please help,i'm losing my mind lol

Hi all, i had my make up trail yesterday and i hated it, there wasnt one thing i like about it, So i've decided to do it myself, my i'm really scared i'll look either orange or to pale, i'm very pale skinned have freckles (which i hate) blue eyes and blonde hair, i dont know where to start with foundation,please help. Also what eyeshadow do i use. I thought bout goingto boots and seeing if they could help try to match something up.But on the day i cant i get married to early. Also i'm quite chunky faced, would a pleat make me look fat? i'm actually on the edge of tears now, i want to feel pretty all i feel is ugly. Anyone thats got any advice can email me at [email protected]

Many hugs lisa xx


  • emmyjaneukemmyjaneuk Posts: 256
    Don't panic! You were just a little unlucky with your trial. Get yourself into a department store and try getting different ladies involved to help you, for foundation go to the prescriptives counter as I've heard they are good, also there was another thread here about some brand designed specially for pale skins i think its dolly something on www.asos.co.uk

    Also try the bodyshop I've always had nice makeup done in them.

    A pleat will not make your face look rounded if you make sure you have height at the crown (which is what I will have to do as my face is round)

    Dont sit and stress, put that energy into getting out and speaking to makeup girls in your local Debenhams or john lewis, its their job! Mrs S x
  • clarekellclarekell Posts: 6,666
    OK honey - stay calm.

    I am emailing you now

    STBAM x x x

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    HI don't stress! Once you have your foundation sorted here's a web site that'll show you easy tips to apply eyeshadow etc... take a peek its reall good. I used the first technique shown for eyeshadow and found it real easy, just remember to do the dark in a 'v' shape! (that's if you use it)

    A friend of mine does bridal make up for a living and this is the most common one used!

    good luck, hope this helps.

  • Suej11Suej11 Posts: 137
    Don't panic, why not do as many trials as you can to get a feel for what suits you and what doesn't, different make up artists have different ideas to what suits people and their opinion may be totally different to yours. If you go into the large department stores like Debenhams or John Lewis, you can book free trials at the make up counters eg. Bobby Brown, Mac, Clinique etc. and there is no pressure to actually buy the products, why not do as many as you can and you'll start to get a feel for what you like and don't like? Maybe you'll find a foundation that is a good match to your skin if you plan to do your own make up? Good luck!
  • nadiaeuknadiaeuk Posts: 696
    prespcriptives is definitely a good option as they custom blend their foundation to match your skin tone exactly.

    Just a note on the MAC makeover - whenever i've been in while they are always more than happy to help and put odd bits of make up on they charge £25 for a makeover - reedemable against any goods bought.

    Youtube is also a god send for make up tutorials.

    don't panic and remember less is more.

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