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fake bake or st tropaz??

should i go for st tropaz or fake bake on my wedding day?? one beautician says fake bake the other says st tropaz any beauticians out there that can put me straight on this please


  • k8feek8fee Posts: 68
    Not a beautician, but my aunt had a st tropez and hated it (felt horrible on, faded really fast), and I've heard really good things about fake bake - I'm getting one tomorrow, so I'll let you know how it goes!
  • bling_girlbling_girl Posts: 123
    Hey, I did same post a few days ago. I usually have st tropez, I like it and it produced a nice naturel colour but have found it to fade quite quickly. I'm trialing fake bake at the weekend to see if I prefer it. I'd suggest trying them both (if you have enough time).

  • ellie63ukellie63uk Posts: 126
    Also not a beautician, but am very pale and have found that St Tropez is the most natural colour - maybe it depends on your skin tone? Paid a fortune for a Decelor one once and came out like a tangerine, and then it rubbed off all over the collar of my coat - not a classy look! image Good luck
  • Lauz41Lauz41 Posts: 2,582
    hi i am a fan of neither sorry im very pale and had a san tropen hand applied before in a beauty salon and it didnt take to my skin too well it looked like dirt - anyway i also heard good things about fake bake so booked a spray tan trial and loved it - went back to get one done the week before my wedding and it was a nightmare all patchy and streaky and pale bits (my boobs were lighter than the rest of me and my face and neck had patchy bits) so not a good look 2 days before you get married - i went back for another lighter respray and it didnt make me look any better so i was v.pissed off as its not a good look 2 days before your wedding - just to warn you. Im not a beautician tho just goin on personal experience and different beauticians use different makes of tan hence why they will say one is better than the other.....other thing is it comes off on your dress depite them saying it doesnt (if you have a big dress on a nice day you will be very hot and sweat it off) so be prepared for that too,..

    Sorry im not much help just thought i'd share. Xen tan is meant 2 be good if you were self applying....

    Good Luck

  • albanydalbanyd Posts: 45
    Ha ha ha- I just came onto the website to post my success with the Fake Bake Airbrush home kit and then I saw your post!

    I've had horrible tan lines and patchy pale bits for ages which have really got me feeling sad. Just tried this spray can and it's great! Patched everything up and very natural.

    I had a Salon St Tropez before my sis-in-laws wedding and it looked unnaturally brown- I look abit odd in the pictures so I'm steering clear of that on my wedding day. I've had a NaturaSun Spray Salon Tan which was much more natural but it came off quite quickly. I would definately go with Fake Bake.

    Good luck!
  • crofty75crofty75 Posts: 842
    I would say neither, they are bith a waste of time. Get some dove holiday skin instead and build up over the week before your wedding, wont steak. Need a mate or h2b to do the back to hahaha
  • esskevanesskevan Posts: 1,033
    I'm a fake backe girl - looks very natural as it works with your skins pigment so you will go the colour you would naturally and not orange. Get the spray tan rather than cream application. Go for it!! Karen x
  • cathymukcathymuk Posts: 2,675
    just booked a fake bake cream application 2 days before the wedding...never tried fake bake before but use st tropez and its always fine.
  • Lily162010Lily162010 Posts: 3,064
    I prefer Fake Bake, I find the colour is more natural than St Tropez
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