4 wks to go - hair/make-up artist has just dropped me in it!

Help. I am getting married on Friday 29 August 2008 in Cockermouth (Lake District) and I had a hair and make-up artist booked, but she has now told me today she can't do it!! Aaargh! Anyone half decent will already be booked. Anybody know anyone who might be available? Thanks in advance x




  • jharris_86jharris_86 Posts: 313
    are you looking for mobile or saoln?
  • Would prefer mobile but am thinking it's getting a bit close so am open to suggestions? Walked round the salons in Cockermouth but nothing really grabbed me. I am from Sunderland and travelling across so don't know what any of the salons are like!
  • LeesbrideLeesbride Posts: 69
    Hi, why dont you look on the makeup advise forum website? There are lots of makeup artists on there, some may do hair its worth looking and maybe contacting a few
  • hc6jsmhc6jsm Posts: 48
    Don't have any contacts - but have my sympathies and good luck - i'm in the exact same position.
  • frankieGGfrankieGG Posts: 13
    Try www.facetime.co.uk

    They have a national database of freelance make-up and hair stylists and you can search by area. Many of the people listed do hair and make-up.
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