2 days to go and Ive got hair crisis!!! !!! help

I had mt hair coloured last fri ( usual hairdresser, usual colour) and I hate it- she has dried my hair out

and the brown with blonde highlights look dull and flat. I also had a reaction to the colour and my neck is red ( will deal with the salon later!!) Im using Benedryll on my neck which has really helped, and thankfully Im wearing my hair down and curled. But I need to improve the condition of my hair fast, without using ammonia/peroxide etc- can anyone tell me if the John freida colour boost shampoo/ conditioners do any good? can you recommend anything PLEEASE!! thanks LADIES XX


  • albanydalbanyd Posts: 45
    Don't know about the John Frieda range but the Aussie Hair care range is fab- makes hair great for ages. Available in Boots etc. It has an intensive recovery mask which is really good for your dried out hair situation.

    Good luck and try not to panic!
  • when i last had my hair done i had to have it bleached all over 3 times (i wanted it like sarah hardings...) so my hair was really dried out but i always use john frieda products and they really do help...my hair is really shiny again and also you can get umberto giannini overnight moisture balm (a really nice conditioner you leave in overnight) which works really well, def recomend it image
  • Suej11Suej11 Posts: 137
    I have just had a recent disaster myself, i asked the expert on the live webchat yest, this is what he recommended:

    hi MissyGsoontobeMRS

    yep - my favourites are Matrix Biolage Cera Repair, it's incredible and gives instant results but you have to leave on for at least 10-25 minutes before rinsing. also Kerastase's intensive moisturising treatment is brilliant. Charles Worthington does a good one in the takeaways range for a budget option.


  • MrsVGreen2BMrsVGreen2B Posts: 114
    Joico hair mask smells sooooooooo good and is worth the price tag i think between 8 and 14 pounds!!!

    You use it once a week and it makes it 200% better - quality and texture. (in my opinion)

    I also use the brunette shampoos by john frieda and they are amazing but you need a mask on your hair to replenish the lost oils!!! but you could definatley use a good quality shampoo and conditioner for in between.

    I'm not keen on the charles worthington it makes my hair like straw - but i have heard other people say that it's good so maybe i wasn't using the right one for my hair type!!!

    xx good luck
  • kirstyshawkirstyshaw Posts: 24
    aussie 3 minute miracle always helps my hair when its looking and feeling stressed (I usually leave it on for the entire duration of my shower tho) good luck xx I'm sure you'll look beautiful whatever happens xx
  • 77angel77angel Posts: 389
    I often use homemade treatments- you get some funny looks while its on, but its cheap, and always works great on my hair.

    Try these-


    I've tried a few of those.

    Also, 1/2 a banana, 1/2 an avocado, some honey and natural yoghurt

    OR: Mash a ripe mango with one tablespoon of plain yogurt. Add two egg yolks and some honey for shine.

    Blend and spread all over hair.

    Cover with plastic wrap or a shower cap and leave on for about twenty minutes.

    Shampoo out thoroughly.

    Basically, olive oil is good for moisture (as is banana), honey is good for shine (as is natural yoghurt), so just try until you find something you like!

    Hope that helps.

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