Hair trial with pictures - opinions please

What do you think of my hair. Is it weddingy enough and is it ok from the front? Excuse the front view picture i took it myself. Honest opinions please. I don't bite!



  • esskevanesskevan Posts: 1,033
    there's only a picture of your table plan!! Have you made your hair ones public to share?

    Karen x
  • DenimgirlukDenimgirluk Posts: 104
    Oh my god i'm such a dumb arse! I will investigate and see what the hell i'm playing at! Sorry people!
  • Hi there, I think it is lovely, definitely 'weddingy' enough. Though you can see some of the hair pins at the back, maybe get some pearl or sparkly ones for those areas and make it a feature?
  • I think it looks lovely, your hair is in great condition too, v shiny! I think you should get some extra sparkly grips / slide to dress it up a bit more - unless you are having a tiara / veil? xx
  • DenimgirlukDenimgirluk Posts: 104
    I'm having a tiara which is actially on a comb but it looks like a tiara and a veil which will sit on top of the head and comes down to my waist. Would sparkly pins be too much do you think. Didn't have tiara at time of trial to try with it.
  • hzgreenhzgreen Posts: 512
    i think it looks lovely, really sleek and elegant xx
  • DenimgirlukDenimgirluk Posts: 104
    Thank you. I've just been looking at yours and think you look great. Go for what you want. You don't have to have a veil and tiara. Have what you are comfortable with. You know you and people can't judge everything from a picture. Had i have seen your post first don't think i'd have been brave enough to put my pics on here!!!
  • jaynefitzyjaynefitzy Posts: 289
    your hair looks great! whens your big day?x
  • DenimgirlukDenimgirluk Posts: 104
    8th August. The stress is slowly starting to go as everything is virtually done now and i'm starting to get really excited. I think i am going to cry non stop though. I keep finding myself randomly shedding a tear even though i'm really happy when i stop and think about how happy i am to be getting married. If my friend was here she'd slap me!
  • jaynefitzyjaynefitzy Posts: 289
    Bet you wont have the time to cry!! Hope your day is all your dreaming ofxxx
  • DenimgirlukDenimgirluk Posts: 104
    Thanks. You too. x
  • jordana1ukjordana1uk Posts: 340
    God, your hair is so shiny, it looks lovely! x
  • DenimgirlukDenimgirluk Posts: 104
    Wow. I'm chuffed everyone thinks my hair looks so shiny! My hairdresser always says the same thing. I don't put anything on it i just wash and condition everyday. At the minute i'm using Tres Semme but i buy whatever is on BOGOF!
  • hzgreenhzgreen Posts: 512
    thanks for your kind words denimgirl, no tiaras are not for me i'm afraid, i think they're lovely but don't suit me and don't go with my dress at all. i have really shiny hair too which is great but have to use about 5 products to get it looking like that! : D

    when is your wedding?

  • DenimgirlukDenimgirluk Posts: 104
    8th August! It is so near now. It is a very odd thing to be able to say i'm getting married next week! Best of luck with your wedding and your hair!
  • Whalley2bWhalley2b Posts: 4
    goodluck with you wedding and your hair looks lovely. I hope everything goes well for you. I haven't even thought about mine yet. mines not til next year tho
  • sparkles0307sparkles0307 Posts: 217
    i think it looks gorgeous!! definately weddingy enough and main thing is that you are happy with it"xx
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