Make Up Brushes - Best brand?

Hi Ladies,

I am planning on doing my own makeup for my wedding and wanted to get some good quality make up brushes.

Can anyone recommend some?

I was possibly going to get some from MAC.

Any thoughts or comments appreciated



  • Laurenh2bLaurenh2b Posts: 622
    I went trawling through ebay and managed to find some really lovely NARS ones. They are quite dear individually, but I got an amazing set for £50 (29 brushes) and they resolutely kick the bum of my cheaper ones!
  • LegacyUserLegacyUser Posts: 903
    i got a set of ruby and millie brushes and hey are really good. They're also a lot cheaper than a lot of other brands. Ive heard good things about bobby brown brushes but theyre really expensive. x
  • I would recommend the body shop ones, they are absolutly amazingly soft and you get such a perfect application. I've got them all, they were also voted best make up brushes in the 'INSTYLE' magazine 3 years in a row!! you can buy them individually, prices start at £6 or £7 and go up to £14 for the massive poweder brush.
  • cheekiestukcheekiestuk Posts: 151
    Thanks ladies..

    I checked out NARS, they do seem quite pricey, will look around to see if i can find any deals on sets!

    The Bobbi Brown ones are also dear, for a basic set its £180..... will have to go check them out instore to see if thats worth it, wasn't planning on spending that much.

    Never thought about going to Body Shop so will definitely check them out to.

    Think a trip to a big department store is required to check out my options.

    Thanks for all the tips ladies, greatly appreciated image

  • rosalindyrosalindy Posts: 84
    I have all my brushes from MAC and they are 500% better than any other type I've used. The foundation brush and firm eyeshadwo brushes especially have been fantastic and they're really easy to clean xx
  • KirstyTKirstyT Posts: 314
    I love the body shop brushes. I've had my powder one for years and it's still as good as new.

    Kirsty x
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