Do I go blonde?

I'm just after a little advice really, I'm getting married abroad in September and booked an appointment to have my hair cut and coloured at the end of August just before we go.

I've been attending WW since May and have so far lost just over a stone (17lbs to be exact), I have been buying lots of new clothes to go away with and also finding I can now fit into some of my old clothes too- Yay! Anyway, I'm getting excited about the new slimmer me and as a result have moved my hair appointment forward to this Saturday because I want new hair to go with slimmer me!

I'm having it cut like this and really really love the colour

The only problem is that my current (and natural colour) is pretty much the same as Kat Beckinsale pre highlights

My skin colour is also pretty similar to Kate's

I've never been blonde before and I'm just wondering if it'll suit me, I always seem to go for honey blonde/caramel toned highlights when I do have them and just wanted a change, I feel good about myself because I'm losing weight and wanted to be a little different for a change.

Will it suit me do you think?

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  • LegacyUserLegacyUser Posts: 903
    You know without seeing a close up of your face and hair no one can guess as to if will suit you- post a pic and then you'll get some better guesses.

    But why not just go for it! If you hate it there's time to have it done again before you go
  • lrbpielrbpie Posts: 2,280
    I think it's a bit risky to go blonde for the first time just before you go abroad to get married. If you try it now then you can see how it looks and there is time to fix it before the wedding if you don't like it.

    personally I would be careful about going blonde when you're naturally dark, it can look quite yellow and is quite harsh on the hair as they have to use lots of bleach. also the roots will be very obvious after a week or two. I know Posh has managed it but she probably goes to the hairdressers every two days to keep it looking good!!

    I think a few subtle highlights and lowlights (like Kate Beckinsale) is more likely to work than a full on switch to blonde (like Posh).

    but of course can't really say without a pic of you and your hair!

  • loureganlouregan Posts: 205
    congrats on the weight loss that's fab!!

    I say go for it - hair mistakes can always be rectified and you sound like its something you really want to do to add to your confidence - do it and i reckon it'll be great!

    Lou x
  • Daniella1ukDaniella1uk Posts: 132
    Thank you ladies, I'll speak to my hairdresser on Saturday and see what she says, and if it all goes wrong, I'll just stick another colour on top!
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