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Hi, I hope someone on here can help! I am a literal blushing bride! I have always had problems blushing but recently it has been getting worse, and has been really affecting my confidence, which is hard as i am not a shy person. I still have a little while to go until my wedding but we are having 80 guests to the ceremony and i know as soon as i walk up the aisle and everyone turns to look i will go bright red and when I start saying my vows it will get even worse. The thought of this happening is overshadowing my enjoyment of planning the day. I have gone to see my doctor but he wasnt very helpful, he seemed to think it was a beauty thing and that i was being silly over nothing as i am not medically ill. He did say that anything he could do to help me would have really bad side effects and seemed reluctant to even talk through the options. Has anyone else got this problem? Can anyone help me?!:\(


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    I cant believe someone else has this problem. I have suffered with blushin for years and as gettin older does seem to get worse!! The worst thing is, it doesnt even just happen when embarrassed! It happens for no reason whatsoever, I can literally be in the middle of a conversation wi someone n the fear of it happening pops into my head.. and it happens!! I tried hypnotism, didnt work for me tho but you might want to give it a go.

    I also went to Doctors who offered me something called sympathetic something?? sorry cant remember name, but it involves them deflating lungs to get to a particular gland which will be removed to stop the actual ability to blush. Side effects are, obviously quite a risky surgery, but its actually sweat gland removal, the same operation is used for people who have perspiration probs, a side effect could be that because sweat gland in that area are removed you could excessively perspire in other areas of body, hands, back , legs etc!

    It is on my mind about the weddin too. We must try not let it ruin our plannin tho! People even tell me its an endearing thing, I find it hard to believe though being pillar box red!

    Im a teacher and its been terrible standin at front of class and it sometimes happenin for nothin!

    Let me know if you have any solutions and how things go for you
  • Hiya, i suffer really badly from blushing but i dont go red on my cheeks only on my chest and neck - its really horrid and like you it can happen at any time. I took to wearing polo necks all the time or scarfs. I got married in march of this year and on another thread heard about beta blockers or anti-histamines as a possible solution. I went to the doctor and she prescribed both for me, i tried the antihistamines but they didnt control the blushing. I then tried 25mg of Atenalol and they were fab!!!! I used them on the big day and apart from teh tiniest red patch worked (i think the red patch was only becaused i had scratch myself earlier). The problem was that then i wanted to take them all the time!! and so i have been taking them since (i'm really trying to come off them so lately have only been taking them once or twice a week and also biting the tablets in half so i get less of a dose). I also tried hypnosis before the wedding but that didnt work, i am trying it again as i dont like the thought of taking the beta blockers for too long, i havent seen any massive improvements as yet but fingers crossed image Hope this helps image
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    I am also worried about this. And I tend to giggle when I'm nervous too.

    I'm thinking of having my veil on the crown of my head so that the sides of it perhaps block out the 50 guest to the side of me and can help me just look forward to my husband. I think this might help, if you are like me and tend to hide behind your hair and things when you blush. I lot of weddings I have been to the couples have gone red, it is quite an endearing thing and I am sure people understand how nerve racking it is. Try to relax a little. How about having a couple of drinks before hand to give you a confidence boost?
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    I have been a blusher since childhood. It's not really getting any better as i grow older. I've tried the camoflage green make up base but without make-up lessons, I've ended up like the Incredible Hulk!

    I'm a bit worried about getting married in Italy too, with the heat as I know my cheeks will end up being purple. And then there's the alcohol . . . I'm very much prone to redness on my cheeks, under my chin and blotches down my neck/upper chest area.

    I think I need a paper bag for my head! Will be glad to hear of any solutions to this problem.
  • i went to my doctor n she gave me beta blockers to try first, i took them wen i had meetings at wrk n knew i wud go red n they worked wonders so i stopped taking them n will start again in the run up to the wedding.....12days to go :O !!!! kinda made me feel more confident since i took them a few months ago n havnt felt my self go red nearly as much. hope this helps all you other blushers!!!
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