Professional or DIY makeup?

Hi Girls,

im abit confused about this one, i want to look like a princess on my big day, as do my Bridesmaids & we have all said we would like our make up done for us to take that little bit of pressure off on the day. i have emailed a few people and they are quoting me over £800 in some cases & i just cant justify that cost! i will get a few more quotes in from local salons etc but i was wondering how many of you are doing your own or having some one come in and do it for you?

would it be worth me going for a professional make up lesson? im not bad at doing my own make up at all, i enjoy it! but i want to look like a super star, not just plain old me!

any tips?


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  • many of you are getting makeup for that price?

    You could try they have a list of makeup artists and might have one or two in your area.
  • My friend is doing my make up, is there anyone you could ask and maybe treat yourself to a few nice items which you would normally consider a luxury?

    I'm using Bare Essentials which are fab.

  • LOL there are only 5 of us!

    i will check that out - thank you! x
  • You could have a session at your local dept store make up counter, they offer helpful tips.
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    Hi, I went to a MAC counter and the girl is coming out on the day. It's costing £300 for myself and 4 bridesmaids.x
  • i am a professional make up artist myself and have worked for loads of big cosmetics houses in the past; channel, mac, estee lauder, clinique to name a few.

    i do home visits and usually charge around 40 per person with the bride at around 70 including a trial a few weeks before the big day.

    there are many salon out there though that will just have anyone doing it for you, usually with no expewrience!!!

    so beware!

    let me kmow your area and i will try and give you some locals as have contacts all over the place!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • I am having my make up done, at great expense, but a friend is doing my bridesmaids make up. As much as I love my bridesmaids, they don't need to have their make up done professionally but us brides deserve it! I love make up and am good at applying it, but I am not willing to risk a shaky hand and stabbing my eye with mascara wand! The most important thing though is that professionals know what will look good in photos and what will last the day and evening. So get yours done and find a friend to do your bridesmaids (I am buying the actual make up for them so the colours they wear are my choice).

  • der i cant spell today can i!!!!
  • Thank you all very much!

    xcharmedx - i have always been keen to try Bare ID so will give that a shot!

    Rachelmatis - im in surrey!

    Lucy1972 - good plan bat man!

    thanks all xxxxx
  • Ok chick, try Vikki Lawson - she's lovely!

    She covers surrey, london and berks.

    Mobile: 07793 037589

    Email: [email protected]

    good luck.xxxx

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