Lip waxing ..

So now I'm a bit older (35, sigh) I seem to have upper lip hair .. now its very fair but its still clearly there. Does anyone wax or cream off their upper lip hair ?? Do you get ingrown hairs or a rash? I am clueless, please help .... Cheers. image


  • Yup I do and it bloody hurts waxing!

    Its affective though x
  • Pootle26Pootle26 Posts: 1,021
    I do!! I don't find it hurts at all (but then I have been getting it and various other bits waxed for years!)

    I get my lady to wax it but I also wax in between seeing her as I just hate the thought of people being able to see hairs there.

    For doing myself I use the Veet wax strips, they are simple and easy, just cut to size, rub in the palm of your hand till warm, smooth on and rip off in the opposite direction of the hair growth (I would say from the outside of your mouth in).

    I occasionally have a small white spot somewhere the next day, but apart from that (and the immediate redness after that lasts about an hour) then I don't have any problems.

    Would recommend using savlon cream after to cool it off and stop any rashes though.

    Sorry I seem to have waffled, I feel like a waxing expert!
  • rmsmeatonrmsmeaton Posts: 452
    i had mine done for the 1st time today and fingers crossed i've been fine! the things we have to go thru!! xx
  • emsteelemsteel Posts: 112
    I use the veet strips too, they are fine but i would advise doing it at least one before just incase you pull too hard and damage your skin which i've done once!!
  • emsteelemsteel Posts: 112
    sorry thats meant to be one week before!

  • Definately do a SMALL patch test...when I did it the skin stung like blummin murder for days after!
  • Hi,

    If you decide to have it waxed i would recommend going to a professional first. When I did it myself for the first time I took some skin off and it was red and sore for days after! It is definitely the most effective way of getting rid of all the hair though. Good luck xxx
  • Did mine and it did sting, but not as much as the eyebrows I thought. Had the chin done too, but never been brave enough to have a bikini wax though!
  • aimee21jaimee21j Posts: 317
    Go to have it done professionally. I have been having my upper lip and eyebrows waxed since I was 16 and it still hurts as much today (11 years later!) than it did then! It does last a long time and everything is gone.
  • vospercvosperc Posts: 147
    I'd say, if you're thinking of getting rid of it just for your wedding day DON'T! You'll have to wax it forever after. If it's blonde and not really noticeable leave it! Everybody has hair on their face, I wish I never plucked my eyebrows or waxed my lip! I keep Veet in business!
  • I use superdrug facial wax strips - stings a bit but I usually do it before getting into bed and put cold water on straight after by next morning its fine
  • nadiaeuknadiaeuk Posts: 696
    i get mine threaded. It does hurt but the result is great and I always think it is gentler than waxing as it doesn't rip the top layer of skin off!
  • i too would go for threading, it is far more gentler on the actual skin xxxxxx
  • hinderellahinderella Posts: 116
    What is the re-growth like with threading. I really want to try but I'm worried once I do it once I'll have to do it very regularly and I'm not very high maintenance!
  • Hello Little Miss SUnshine,

    It's the same as waxing as it removes the hair from the folicle. I get my eyebrows done once a month or so - its fantastic, very precise and not as damaging to the skin x
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