Price check Please!

Ive just been quoted £90 for someone to do both my hair and make up for me. Plus £20 for a trial.

I've not really looked into this much, is that about right do you think?


  • nadiaeuknadiaeuk Posts: 696
    Thats a brilliant price. I've been quoted all sorts of prices. It depends where you are but in London the average for make up alone is working out to be anywhere between £100 and £150 and that's not even for the expensive ones!

    Hair is works out to be about the same again.

    If you like them and trust them book 'em. If you go for the £20 trial and don't like them i guess you can cancel without any penalties??
  • I'm paying £35 make up trial £45 on day and £20 hair trial £30 on day if that helps
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