Babyliss Pro straighteners?

Hi, going to buy new straighteners tomorrow and just wondered if anyone had tried the new Babyliss ones? They're called babyliss pro 230 radiance. They cost £100!! so just want to make sure they're good before I part with the cash!!


  • sarahbaxsarahbax Posts: 42

    I bought a set of the babyliss pro straighteners, as my ghds broke and were being repaired, they were the 230 range and can be used cordless as well, they were really good. They got as hot as my ghds, but i stopped using them once my ghds arrived back ( which was around days later!! good service from ghd I must admit!!!!) I bought them around february time and was actually going to put them on ebay this evening. Not sure if your interested, I was only wanting about 15quid for them!!!!!!

  • sarahbaxsarahbax Posts: 42
    oops sorry 3 days later that should of been

  • clarabo999clarabo999 Posts: 1,009
    Hi sarahbax, that's so kind of you to offer but I really want the new ones that are out!! Will probably be a waste of a load of money but I can't resist!!
  • sarahbaxsarahbax Posts: 42
    Ha ha

    no problem!! Id be exactly the same!!! hence why I have a pair of them going spare and two pairs of ghds!! hehe

    even the thought of saving some money to go towards the wedding wouldnt make me buy them from me! ( if that makes sense!!) think all girls are spendaholics!!

    good luck hope you like them!!

  • clarabo999clarabo999 Posts: 1,009
    I know- it's awful! I'm a total spendaholic!! Still not sure whether to get GHD's or the Babyliss ones though. I got married 8 weeks ago today so will be telling my husband I got them in the sale for £20 so he doesn't moan!!!
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