My hair trial ladies, with Pics, hope for Short hair!?!!

Hi ladies, had my hair trial the other day, and was wondering what you thought.

It was only a quickie, as my hair dresser (H2b's cousin) was busy, but will be tidier on the day.

Can I have opinions on it please?

Mrs Emcy 2 B

I can't do it image

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  • Looks lovely hun although a little tricky to see as rather a teeny photo. Any chnace of some bigger ones? Or is it just my rubbish laptop? x
  • I cant get them on girls, sorry, anyone help?

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    Dunno if anyone can see thse or not.

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  • Aha!

  • Last one.

  • it is really lovely, i love your tiara/ hairband x
  • Thanks a lot, no front pics as my acne is pretty bad atm, but got a high clipped bit at the front.

    And my hair is shorter than chin length!

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    Ooh that looks gorgeous hun, i can't believe your hair is shorter than chin length it looks long up like that!

  • thank you so much for posting your pics. i'm really worried about my hair not being long enough to put up and look decent, but looking at your pics it looks amazing. I honestly cannot believe you've got shorter than chin length hair!
  • I have, I had extensions a few months back, in a vain attempt to get the 'look' I wanted for the wedding, but hated them, and would never do it again, but asked my hairdresser to see what she could do, and came up with this! Was a bit worried it was too much with my tiara and veil, which is only shoulder length but I think (I hope) it works. Ladies with short hair like me, ask your hairdressers if that is the look you want, you'll be amazed at what they can do!


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  • Your hair looks great wouldnt believe it was short ! Love the tiara and veil doesnt look too much at all. x
  • I agree, it looks fab and is a great relief to those of us with short hair that we could get something like that! Thank you!
  • Thanks so much ladies, hope it inspires you.

    3 weeks to go, arrghghghgh

  • your hair is how short then? mine is rather short too, maybe i could get my hair looking like yours for my day! i was also considering extentions for the day but if my hair could look as good as yours then i wouldnt bother!

    how did the hairdresser do it?!
  • I think your hair looks fantastic!

    Especialy as you said she did it in a bit of a rush!

    Really classy!

    And I love the hairband too!
  • Its almost chin length at the front, maybe at chin length at the back. She clipped my fringe up first as you would so yourself for that look, then put the band on. Then she kind of just twisted and tucked (couldn't see much tbh!!) and pinned, not too many pins btw, and it wasn't tight feeling either, so hopefully won't give me a head ache. Then she just put the veil comb in last! Took her 5 mins max, but she said would take 20 on the day. But she did tell me not to wash it on the day, as has just had colours in, and my hair was really slippery.

    The band was from Ebay, £8!!! It matches the black diamonds in my rings.

    Thanks so much ladies
  • I love your tiara - do you mind me asking which eBay shop you got it from. Just done a search and came out with nothing. Its gorgeous.

    also wanted to say thanks for posting your pics.I have hair about the same length as yours and i've been wondering what to do with it.

    Edited - cos i'm dumb and didn't see your earlier response that part answered the question!

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  • Hi, try

    sorry for the long link ladies, and it seems to have gone up since i purchased mine, but it was 6 months ago, and still cheap!

  • It's really lovely. I may have to have one, thanks for putting the link up.

    After that i really REALLY must stop buying. At this rate i'll have to have five weddings just to wear everything i've bought
  • Your hair is lovely. I can't wait to have my hair trials
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    So pretty! xx
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