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Spray tan and false nails?

Hiya Girls,

I'm getting married next week and am having a spray tan the day before the wedding the problem is i'm also having false nails put on the same day. Does anyone know if the spray tan will effect the nails as i'm having them put on before the spray tan!

Emma xx


  • LadyFLadyF Posts: 238
    I'd be careful as it can stain your nails, if you could I'd have it done the other way around x
  • NonNon Posts: 495
    I agree.

    Have you had a spray tan before?

  • from personal experience, e;g having a spray tan with nails and then working at my salon re-doing nails once stained, i would deff reccomend having tan done first as if your unlucky the tan will stain your nails and yo then cant get the stain off if it dries.
  • Def dont have your nails done first!!!
  • I'm thinking of having a spray tan too but I'm really worried it will be patchy and I've heard that you shouldnt have it on your face just in case. Anyone have any tips??????
  • ema79ema79 Posts: 266
    Thanks girls, will defo get my nails done after the spray tan.

    slebs i had a trial run and the tan looked fine on my face just make sure you exfoliate before you go.

    Good luck.
  • NonNon Posts: 495
    I would just be very careful with spray tan, ive had loads done and it can be very hit and miss. I actually stopped having them because i found that even with daily moisturising they really dry my skin and the colour goes really patchy after a couple of days (not a good look on your honeymoon?). I had one for the first time in ages to go away for my wedding anniversary and it was absolutely horrific, my fingers were bright orange with white patches in between! Personally I would go for a cream tan as i think they are kinder and tend to be more accurate

  • I agree with Sparkler. I've had about 5 spray tans - all different makes and in different places and I'd never have one done again ... sorry..! They always mess up around my hands and I've regretted each one. I now use the L'Oreal gradual tan and it's brilliant. Just apply it for about 3 nights in a row and you'll have a gorgeous glow with now stripes or white bits..!

    Hope that helps,

  • Fake Bake is amazing and doesnt look orange at all which some fake tans can. You apply it on at night fairly thickly You will look hideous but dont worry the next day you wash it off to find a nice light brown glow. You can apply it again if you want it darker, this is definitely what i'm going to use. I think there are some places where you can get it applied professionally although Ive trained my h2b up. he's great no streaks!!
  • I tried a spray tan for the first time for my wedding a couple of weeks ago. It was St Tropez professionally applied - and it looked great. I just asked the girl to go a bit lighter on the face and she did a brilliant job. If you are going to do it, be prepared to pay for a quality product such as this or Fake Bake.
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