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I just would like to make any Hampshire brides aware about the service i have just recieved by a local wedding make up artist Helen Spencer. I found her site on line - the make up looked very natural and beautiful so i booked her for my wedding this november.

I had my trial 2 weeks ago - her make up was natural and photographed well but i felt she had just not done it to suit me - rather a standard bride style. Anyway i asked to have a think about it before putting money down for my wedding day make up. I booked a second trial with another artist (which is today) to compare. On tueday i had a phone call from her asking to confirm my booking. As i work away from home and do not finish unitl 10pm i had not had the chance to reply. Today (2 days later) i recieved this letter (which must have bee sent as soon as she left my phone call.):

'Following on from your wedding make up rehersal i have not heard back from you either voluntarily as promised , or in response to my recent voicemail, on whether you would like to continue witht he service. I can therefore only presume that this is something you no longer wish to be part of and so there is no confusion i am writting to advise you that i have now removed your booking and taken on anothe bride. '

Whether or not i like my trial today i planned to contact her this afternoon. I am only thankful i guess that this arrived as i would not want someone so rude to be part of my wedding day.

Just thought people would like to have the oportunity to see who they are getting for their wedding. I hope others have had a better experience with helen to me - she assures me that she has had no other complaints and everyone is normally happy. This is only my opinion.



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    How strange.Just wrote you a reply but it's disappeared!

    Just wanted to say that WOAH!!! Thats a bit off on her part. Even if she had a feeling that you may not want to go ahead with the booking, surely there would have been a better way for her to have put it?!! Did you pay Helen Spencer a deposit?

    Hope todays trial goes well.

  • No deposit paid just £40 for the trial. I am sure some people have had good experience with her and it may just be a clash of personalities but i think it could have been better dealt with.

    Other trial was lovely - so i am happy.

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  • Hi ya... ive actually booked Helen myself... and had my trial and i have to say sounds like youve received a totally different service to me!!

    I couldnt have been more happy with my experience... loved how she made me look (she listened to what i wanted and between us we added to make me look like me - only better than i can do it myself), and also liked her attitude towards me (when warning her i could be an overexcited tearful nightmare on the day!!) and also towards my mum who was quite nervous of having her makup 'done' - until she met Helen... and also the hair lady that Helen has on her team of recommendations.

    i know how awful it is when as a bride to be you dont get the type of service u expect (i walked out of a Bridal shop in Portsmouth as a woman was soooo rude to me... but thats another story!! )

    But i just wanted to defend Helen a bit as out of all the people i have so far booked for the day, she has been one of the best from my experience... and i do actually think she would be quite sad to know she had upset you this much...

    Glad you found someone you like...

    Did you tell Helen how much she upset you? (enough to name and shame her!)

  • Im really pleased you have had a good experience. It does sound very different! Thanks for leaving some positive experience as this is not meant to slate Helen i'm just giving my experience. Good luck on your day x
  • Hi everyone

    Helen Spenser has contacted us to respond to comments made by the OP, please find her response below


    Web Ed

    "Firstly, thank you to the Webmaster for allowing me to defend myself, everyone says I've just got to do it, so here goes:-

    The opening post from this bride was so offensive and contained blatant lies that I voice-mailed to suggest she take the post down. Some of you may have seen that and you may notice that then modified two entries. Whilst I am strangely grateful for that, I think it says enough about her that she felt okay about doing all this in the first place. It's polite to get things straight with a real person before firing off such offensive stuff on the net. She's entitled to her opinion but not to adversely affect my business by worrying my brides with lies and inaccuracies !

    "The essence of what happened is that she booked me 6 months ago; I don't take a deposit because I believe a bride should love the make-up trial before paying anything. Over an hour and a half trial with lots of happy chat etc, without her wearing any make-up she tells me what she likes and what she wants for her day, I interpret this with products but she's not sure why it's not right for her. Weird, because sometimes it's just about a bit more blusher, a little more mascara, it's worth the play around to get it right.

    "I offered her the time to do this as I didn't want to leave her till I had got it right but she -couldn't think of the words' for what she wanted. By now I'm feeling awkward, so thinking on my feet, I suggested she wear it for the day, get other opinions and call me and let me know either way or perhaps book a re-trial.

    "Two weeks went by, so I left a voicemail. No reply 24 hours later. Does it sound like she's keen to book me? I shouldn't have to chase anyone up like this! So I send the now infamous letter. I think I had been pretty generous in giving her two weeks plus to make her mind up over something that isn't really too complicated. However what is now clear to us all is that she had booked another MUA and was going to let one of us down. My letter arrived before her other trial and so I had taken away an option for her and she was spitting the dummy out.

    "This wasn't a -clash of personalities' as she suggests. If it was surely she would have called me up the very next day to cancel and be pleased to be shot of me, not keep me on the back burner whilst she had a trial with someone else?

    "I've been doing this for 12 years because I love weddings, I was a bride myself last year and empathise with all the stresses and strains of working and planning. However what has happened here has been shocking. If she had only she had kept me informed. Make-up I do well, mind reading I struggle with..."
  • Good for you Helen... as i already said, youre one of the best people ive booked, and i was annoyed on your behalf when i spotted this!!... Im glad you found out about it to defend yourself... i nearly sent you the link myself, but thought id keep my nose out (other than adding my opinion!)...

    Keep up the good work Helen... and I'd second the opinion that this post should be removed... maybe the webmaster could do this for you instead? seems unfair to risk any impact to your business because of it...

    I think the fact that you have replied to this post yourself in a professional, but nonetheless horrified and upset manner shows the type of person you are and the service you offer.

    Good Luck and i look forward to my wedding day with you image

  • Cheesymiss, I couldnt agree more.
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