Can you recommend a good hair colourist in Nottingham/Derbys

Hi ladies

Need a recommendation for a good colourist in Notts or Derbys? I'm going from blonde to brunette before the wedding, and have seven months to go so looking for a great colourist to do this for me.

Any ideas anyone?



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  • Anyone?! I am interested in a Redken salon. OR anywhere else you have had a good experience at.

    Kim at Keith Hall in Long Eaton is one stylist that was recommended to me on another thread


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  • My best friend works at Aveda in Derby and she is a fantastic colourist, it's in the Westfield centre, her name is Katie... good luck with the colour change!!
  • Fantastic Mrs Rose- thanks!! Do you know how much she charges for colour change? thanks SO much xxxx
  • not sure how much she charges... she gives me a big discount image they're in the phone book, just give them a call to check it out. xx
  • Thanks for the recommendation- I've booked in! Very excited image x
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