Whats the best hairspray?

going to curl my hair for the big day. whats the best hairspray or product to hold them? x


  • vospercvosperc Posts: 147

    Have you tried Ellenette? It's got a really fine spray, but it holds and is not tacky.

    If I had to use one, that would be it!
  • I use the Tresemme white one, I think it's 'freeze hold', and I rate it highly image
  • Elnett is really good and not that expensive either. It's a very fine consistency and also brushes out if required.
  • shafsshafs Posts: 195
    Elnett for me

    It helpd keep s bit of volume in my hair too.

  • Another rec for good old Elnett, I always keep a can of this in my kit just in case my 'industrial strength' one runs out. I also recommend to peole ot maybe buy one of their mini cans for any touch ups once the veil comes out or if it is windy etc..


  • KirstyTKirstyT Posts: 314
    I love Nicky Clarke. it holds really well but not sticky or stiff.

    Kirsty x
  • im going to have to get spraying! lol thanks for your replies girlies x
  • yes ellnett its used in many hairdressers or even try your local salon supplier
  • again, i am a devoted ellnet follower, it's not sticky at all and smells lovely
  • Elnett's fab and comes in different strengths - and smells nice too x
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