Looking for the perfect lip gloss

I need something quite clear with a little pink tint & that isn't sticky. Any recommendations?


  • Clinique lipglosses aren't very sticky and they have pale pink
  • mac do lovely lipgloss also have pale pink as do loreal.

  • i would recommend the max factor lipfinity gloss. you put the colour on first and then the gloss over the top. the only lip colour i have tried that doesnt budge at all!!

    comes in lots of colours but i guess you would have to test them to see how strong the pinks were against your lip colour.


  • bobbi brown have got a fab one i was recommended for the wedding
  • repjohnsonrepjohnson Posts: 1,243
    I wore mac lipgloss. the shade was pinkrat - how glamourous!!!! It felt and looked gorgeous and I have just bought another.

  • icg308icg308 Posts: 199
    try Benefit Kiss Me - looks really bright in the tube, but comes out a very pink shade - depends on your lip colour though I suppose!!
  • I'm having Mac - it's great and they put a little bit of chilli in their lip glosses to plump your lips up a bit. Genius!
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