Am I being ripped off?

Hi, yesterday I had a free consultation at a local beauy salon. I was recommended to have the Guinot hydratherm lift treatment, and was advised a course of 10 over 5 weeks, followed by 1 a month, then another course of 10 before he wedding. At £45 each I thought this was very expensive, but booked to have a trial one to see how it worked. Anyay on my way out the beautician gave me a booklet with the page explaining about the facials, marked so i could identify which one i had booked. so reading through the booklet later, and in answer to the question how many do Guinot recommend, it said just 3!!!!! A big difference to the amount I was told! What do you girls think, am i being ripped off or am I just so beyond help imore to take affect, even tho the blurb in the book says it noticable from the first one. not sure what to do now. Has anyone else had this facial and how may were you reommended.

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  • They are trying to pull a fast one on you - did you mention that you are getting married by any chance?

    If i was you i would phone Guinot's Head Office and ask them how many they would recommend you have!
  • Well i just looked at some other salons to see if they mention it. Most do give recommended essions of other treatments but no recommended amount on this one, and some say 3 over 3 months. I think im gonna call them tomorrow and ask why theres so much difference in recommendations. But i tend to agree with you, and i did mention he M word! so think of a figure, double it and add 10!

  • I have been having the guinot hydradermie for about 6 months and have to say they are excellent. I seem to break out on my chin and it really does sort this out and leaves you glowing! That said, I think your salon may have got this wrong - I have 1 a month and in fact I recently asked if I should increase this on the run up to the wedding and was told that i shouldn't as it is very deep cleaning and may be too much for my skin (and i don't have sensitive skin).

    Maybe call the salon and ask them to check, they may be confused with another facial, or they may well be telling porkies.... I would try one and see what you think, sure you will love it.

    By the way, I pay £55 each time, so £45 doesn't seem bad to me.

    Good luck x
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