can someone give me a list of the makeup i need to buy?

dont want recommendations, just a list of products i need for perfect make up. eg. foundation, eyeshadow, mascara etc etc xxx


  • well theres what i would class as my essential pieces and then optionals so il put these down to start you off


    foundation/tinted moisturiser


    lip balm


    blush/liquid blush/highlighter/bronzer


    eyeshadow (in different shades)


    other- lip liner

    fake tan

    falsh eyelashes

    primer (this is essential if youve not got perfect skin i guess)

    highlighting fluid (highbeam/moonbeam from benefit is good)

    glitter (you never know!!)

    corrector fluids (like concealer but in different colours for different problems)

    errmmmm thats all i can think of right now as im pretty tired but hopefully someone will add to this, email if you want any tips im a counter-whore lol. xxx
  • I think primer is a real must even if you've got perfect skin because it helps your make up stick and should make it look perfect all day. Also buy a eye make up primer as it will stop your eyeshadow creasing.
  • TherasaukTherasauk Posts: 1,090
    bronzing powder/pearls or some sort of shimmer to dust on shoulders etc?
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