Lily Lolo Make-up arrived and I'm sooooo disappointed!

Hi Girls

My Lily Lolo make-up arrived today. I ordered on the recommendation of so many brides on here. I really don't get the hype about it at all. Maybe I'm not applying it properly but it doesn't give proper coverage, the bronzer makes me look dirty and shiny and the brush I ordered which I think was £9 malts and leaves bits of brush all over my skin!! I had to take it all off and start again but still got same result. I used to be a theatre make-up artist so should know how to apply stuff really. I am soooo disappointed, just so glad I just ordered the testers and not the full size stuff, I still spent £16 though. Needless to say won't be ordering anymore. I think I'm going to try a Chanel foundation as a lot of people have raved about that too. Hope I get on better with that.

Hope other people have had more luck!

Anyone got any tips on a good foundation?


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  • i love chanel vitaluminare .

    its used a lot on photoshoots . xx
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    Thanks Jules saw your photos on another thread you looked amazing and your family is stunning!!! Cheers for tip xx
  • I had the exact same experience when i ordered a Bare Escentuals kit from QVC.

    The brush was like something from a pound shop and scratched my face to bits as i 'buffed' the foundation on.

    My skin looked horribly shiny and all my flaws - open pores and fine lines looked like they had been magnified 100 times! I had aged about 30 years in 2 mins!!!!!

    Sent it straight back - i think it's just a gimmick!

    Best base for your wedding day is either Chanel Vitalimiere (only if you are not oily at all) or Chanel Prolumiere or Dior Forever Foundation.
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    It did the same for me, totally highlighted every flaw on my face, open pores, lines, pigmentation, just did nothing for me at all!! Cheers for tips xx
  • StephJ23StephJ23 Posts: 1,673
    I strongly recommend Dior Skin Forever foundation, it gives such smooth coverage and lasts for ages, I love it
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