bourjois brush on foundation

bought the bourjois brush on foundation last night, as I felt I needed a longer lasting foundation for the wedding. It has a clicky pump action thing, feeds the foundation therough a brush applicator. Its like painting it on.

Well, I thought I would test it, so wearing it for work today. Have to say, applied at 7:30 am and it still looks flawless now! Its quite light for a foundation, no shine developing as usually does with me mid afternoon!

10/10 so far.

The real test is if I get a massive outbreak of spots now!


  • Hi Therasa,

    I bought one of these today in my lunch hour and will use tomorrow, actually quite looking foward to it!

    Perhaps I need to get out more.................
  • TherasaukTherasauk Posts: 1,090
    starting to look less than perfect round mouth, chin sort of area, around 3:30pm (so thats 9 hours) but my cheeks, nose and forehead still look fab.

    Def be using it on the day!
  • when you say less than perfect do you mean it's dried out or it's fading and not looking as good as this morning?

  • TherasaukTherasauk Posts: 1,090
    fading, rubbed off (drinking, eating lunch etc) but I reckon a touch up would be ok?!
  • Ok well I'm giving it a bash today so I'll see how I go didn't bring it with me for a top up but it's great to just stick in the handbag!!

    So far I'm loving the way it looks and the way it feels this one may be a keeper!!

  • TherasaukTherasauk Posts: 1,090
    so far so goo, no outbreak, so thats another plus point for me.

    I will put it to the photo test tomorrow. Im going to a friends wedding and will wear it for that, so we shall see if I get the 'camera flash shine'
  • TherasaukTherasauk Posts: 1,090
    well it lasted well at the wedding I went to, pics looked good later on in the night as they did earlier (no shine).


    I have had a few horrible spots since using it! So may need to be more aggressive with cleaning it off after.
  • macysmummacysmum Posts: 3,230
    is it ok for dry skin. i have oily skin but some dry patches. also what is the coverage like. i have a liquid one that covers everything andlooks flawless on my less than perfect skin,

    does it cover dark eyes and spots etc?

    fab thread, was gonna buy it and this may help me to decide. x
  • TherasaukTherasauk Posts: 1,090
    well I have dry patchy skin on cheeks and oily t zone, and it gave an even coverae for me over the whole face. Under my eyes I still used my Virgin Vie dark circle concealer, as I do have terrible dark circles and dont think it coped with them, but if you only have mile dark circles it should be ok.

    coverage is good, feels like caking loads on but its just the way it spreads. I sealed mine with a pressed powder and the finish was wonderful!

  • macysmummacysmum Posts: 3,230
    well than its a deal, ill be off to buy mine soon. x
  • Yep I have to agree I am still loving it, it's fab for shoving on the handbag for touch ups but I've found I'll only touch it up if I'm out after work just to look a little fresher, it smells floral v pleasant!
  • IN the handbag not on the handbag, although I guess you could refer to the boatrace as a handbag haha!
  • HulkkoHulkko Posts: 1,269

    coverage is good, feels like caking loads on but its just the way it spreads. I sealed mine with a pressed powder and the finish was wonderful!

    do you think it's best to seal it with a pressed powder?!
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