The BEST spot remover

Hi Girls

I would like to share my great experience of this fantastic spot remover gel and recommend any B2B to get a bottle - Its by origins and called Spot Remover it comes in a small 10ml bottle and costs £10.00 and worth every penny and would last you years. I got mine in Harrods, most department stores sell it or you can buy it on ebay or online.

The zit no matter how big or small will be gone within a couple of days after using the gel

L x


  • shafsshafs Posts: 195
    Hi Ladyleigh

    Do you know what the active ingredient is? Am desperate to find something good.

  • HulkkoHulkko Posts: 1,269
    benzoyl peroxide! Is in all the best spot removing treatments!
  • Hi Ladyleigh

    "Do you know what the active ingredient is? Am desperate to find something good"

    alcohol and salicylic acid, combined with witch hazel and it aggressively attacks acne!!
  • macysmummacysmum Posts: 3,230
    woo hoo, another thing for my 'to buy list' bloody hate spots!!!!

    clinique night time spot clearer is also quite good too. (cant remember the name but its in a bluey green 'tube')
  • HulkkoHulkko Posts: 1,269
    Try the tea tree stick from bodyshop also. And superdrug do a good tea tree stick aswell.
  • Petty I didn't know this before, I have had 2 spots on my face for about a month now & I put witch stick or savalon on them every day & they are still there!!! With only 3 days to the wedding I don't think anything is going to work now. I blame stress & time of the month. Gutted.
  • HulkkoHulkko Posts: 1,269
    go to your local pharmacist and ask for marduk! It will dry up your 2 spots within 72hours.
  • MangalitzaMangalitza Posts: 5,871
    i cannot recommend boots' witch hazel and tea tree oil stick enough. i've tried every spot cream going and this is so much better than any benzoyl peroxide based product. for starters it's alot kinder to the skin. i find the peroxide products irritate the skin and often worsen the situation.
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