Markup Artist - South West Required

Hi girls,

I am looking for a good make-up artist to do mine and my mums make-up for my wedding in December, has anyone got anyone they can recommend.




  • If you visit or there are artists on there covering the whole of the UK.
  • shafsshafs Posts: 195

    Have you missed all the stickys warning of cross advertising etc?

  • Why am i cross advertising (i am confused) - these are websites that list makeup artsists and this lady is looking for one. Do you see any artists on there with my name?
  • shafsshafs Posts: 195
    Yes. The fact that you are not using your real name as your username on this site doesn't mean that you are not still blatently touting.

    You are an advertiser on the site you have mentioned.

    I am not going to advertise you by stating who you are.

  • OMG...this forum is ridiculous.

    I actually am a Makeup Artist although I think I might be breaking the "rules" by saying that.

    I just wanted to say I have never touted for business on this site, I have only ever offered advice and expertise to those that were asking for help.

    However, when people have asked for a recommendation of a good MUA in their area and if I happen to know one there then I have recommended but I dont benefit from that.

  • Thank you AmyEmilyC for your advice I will have a look at these sites.

    I would still like to hear from anyone that has used a make-up artist in the south west for their own wedding and would recommend them (don't think that is against the rules yet!).

    And could I just say to the Web Editor / Webmaster as at some point you will probably review this thread. We are still waiting for the make-up and hair artist section in the supplier directory as promised in the Web Editor reply dated December 2007!! (Reply shown at the beginning of this forum)
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