mascara for redheads, recommended

I found an American website called Just for Redheads, and ordered (among other things) one of their henna mascaras.

And it's fabulous - colour's nicer than any mascara I've ever tried (I'm a pale redhead), and the texture is fab.

Delivery from the states took around four days, including being passed through customs (I didn't get charged as it was a smallish package).

I dithered for months about buying something from a US website i just found on a web search, but i wish I'd ordered ages ago!

I just have to work out what I'm ordering next image


  • OMG - a webiste JUST for redheads! How fab! Will be making a purchase of one of those mascaras. Which one was it you bought? xx
  • hats good, but I wouldnt really want a redhead colour mascara, I opt for the black/browns and they look great but then im not a really red headed person im kind of strawberry blonde
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