Mango Mango Mango!

I have 3 packets of mango scented make up remover wipes. I've been using them all summer but to be honest I'm sick fo the smell, they are unopened and I'd be happy to post them for free if anyone wants them or give them seperately to 3 different people.

I also have 10 sachets of Guhl mango 1 minute intensive hair masque that I also don't want and again I'd be happy to post for free to anyone who wants them or seperately to each person. This masque is delicious but my hair needs a break from it I want to try other things as I have used it all summer.

so... anyone interested? ;\)


  • cazzywoocazzywoo Posts: 2,002
    Oooh I'd be interested in the Mango wipes! Pretty please! xxxx
  • I would love to try the Mango wipes and some of the Guhl Hair Masque would be great too. image
  • HulkkoHulkko Posts: 1,269
    email me at [email protected] and then I'll get them posted onto you both on Monday and anyone else who drops me a line by then XD

    if no one else mails me then I will send 1 packet of mango wipes & the guhls masques to you pipperette! And the other 2 packets of wipes to you crazywoo image

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