shine paper

anyone know where I can get that oil blotty paper, takes shine off without re-applying makeup?


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    Try ebay

    I bought some from there

    Will try and find the seller name for you. Failing that I think you can find them in Superdrug.
  • There are several you can get. MAC sell them in a handy little case, Im sure places like Boots/Superdrug do some too. The body Shop sells the papers with a little powder on too.

    MAC also sell a great product called Blot Powder which is great for setting your foundation and also taking away shine throughout the day but without building up more coverage like other powders. It is translucent so can the smae colour can be used all year round whether you are tanned or not. Definatly a good buy.


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    Thanks girls x
  • Um, I know this sounds weird... but actually a much cheaper option is fag papers that you buy from behind the counter. (So I'm told, my friend swears by them, and she always looks v fresh, so I believe her)

    You use them instead, and they are the perfect size for doing bits like noses.

    I know it's sounds weird, but you could give thema try.
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    woah, youngbride! What a tip.

    My dad smoke 'rollies' (eeeeewwww) so might sneak a few off him to try.....

    Thanks for that!
  • I bought a 3pack from a chinese seller on ebay. it arrived very fast and was much cheaper than buying it in the uk.
  • TESCOs!! They do it for about £1!! in their make-up range. You can also buy a little tin for about 33.50 which comes with 50 sheets in it. I use them all the time as are brilliant and sooooo cheap.

    I went to a wedding in Barbados and my friend that was getting married stole mine and all her mates made me 'pinky promise' to send some over to them when i got home!!

    Seriously, tescos ones are great!
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    I Second Tescos
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