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I have very long brown hair but it's very thin. i used to have extentions in the side sections to bulk it out but after a year of so my hair was suffering the side effects of bald spots! :\?

I really want to do my hair like Cheryl Cole had hers on her wedding day which has a lot of height at the top. can anyone recommend a hair peice that looks natural that can be clipped into the top of my head for extra height?

I have the standard clip in extentions that i wear on nights out but think a hair peice would be better on this occasion. I know that Jordan used about 9 different pieces on her big day - although i am not after hair as big as hers was so think one will do! image


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    get a set of 20 inch hair extensions from ebay! Human hair!
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    something like this! (you may have to copy and paste the link!
  • Hulkko, you do know your stuff, don't you? image Are sets with different parts better than ones that just consist of one part that is clipped into the back?
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    I just have too much time on my hands! I moved to germany 9 months ago to be with my partner and I have no job here or anything (dont worry your stuff I send you has english instructions on them should you need it). I have no friends here nothing just my partner and his family. Some of his friends are nice but tonight he's gone to a bar where I cant go because from knowing him for 1 day his friends in this bar made all sorts of lies up about me they've never even met me for gods sake. Thats the story cut short. And I no longer have friends in England as people where very fascist towards me and so I thought screw you. But I geuss I am a beauty guru my embarrassing storey of the month is that we were in an italian restaurant and I had to pull 4 beauty/fashion magazines out of my handbag and then go through cosmetics etc before I could find my purse to pay. My partner couldn't believe it. And my bathroom is full of pots of everything thats probably only been used once, Or that I bought for bulk buy and never used again. And I have boxes and boxes of testers under our bed. It drives my partner up the wall! Maybe I should make a list and send it to you and you can have some. It's such a nightmare when you have no girlfriends to pass stuff onto.

    Hair extensions... I find it's best with those that have clips and you can clip them to different part to your hair. It creates a thicker look that er... blends the hair well together. Make sense? One pieces are good but if you want full long hair it's better to clip the pieces in at all different angles I think.

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  • I'm sorry to hear that you have not found any friends over there yet. I am sure you will in due course. Wouldn't mind trying some new things. Thanks for offering. Always like trying out new beauty stuff. image
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    its ok, I start a german course on Monday so hopefully that way I will make friends image It's never easy moving let alone to another country but when I look in my partners chocolate eyes I know it was worth it. I'm just praying he doesn't stay out until 5 in the morning since I'm staying awake until he wants picking up!

    have you ever seen the film friends with money? I'm like Jennifer annisten character I used to go through all the shops in London and ask for free testers. By the time I'd collected them all I had more than you got in a normal size pot sometimes. And the thing is I'm not someone who is poor but I believe if it's free why pay for it?! I might pay 70 pounds for something it react to my skin and then I waisted all that money.

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  • Thanks for the advice. I already have those though. I wear them on nights out but i'm after a large peice that has hidden clips especially for the top of your head for height but can't find it : (

    Looked all over the internet. I know they exist as i've seen them on tv! oh dear : (
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    theres a brand called Hot Hair I can't for the life of me remember the website I've seen them on as I know the sell them on QVC sometimes! Have a go at trying them and I'm pretty sure Jessica Simpson's brand of hair pieces may be what your looking for. You can get them from
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