Anyone having a low bun/chignon?

I have thick long-ish hair and I want a simple low bun that will hopefully keep my hair tamed for the day. My only worry is that I'm gettin married in Austria in December, and so I can't really have a trial as such with the people that are doing it. Does it matter that my hair is thick? Also after contacting them they've told me to bring my own hair clips etc, but since i'm a bit of a dunce I wouldnt know where to start with the style so have no idea what kind of clips I'd need, or how many! If anyone's got any advice or pics that would be wonderful!


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    I'm getting married abroad too and having a hair trial a few days before I get married at the hotel. However, I'll also be having a hair trial at home in the UK about 4 months before we head out to see if the style I want really suits me/goes with the dress. I'd advise that you take along a pic to a hairdressers over here and get them to make you up how you want, then you'll know if it works with your hair type and how many pins you'll need! Good luck x
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    Can you have a trial with a local hairdresser, then at least you'd know what works for you? I was thinking of having a very low bun, sort of a loose, messy one, but am probably going to wear my hair loose now (though keep changing my mind!).

    What about a simple bun cover to keep everything in place but add some sparkle? Like the one at the bottom row on here -

    or this one is different (but bit more expensive )-

  • Hellooo,

    I'm having a low side bun actually with an ivory corsage on a hair comb which kinda held it together. Think the 'bun cover' would work well too image

    I went for my trial last week and loved it - was retro enough to keep me happy but also structured enough to stop me worrying about it falling out! They actually curled, backcombed then pinned it in loops rather than traditional bun style...

    I'm loooving the low dooos!
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