Most important make-up tip EVER!

I just wanted to post this because I feel it is really really important.

There is NO POINT spending money on expensive primers/foundations/concealers if your skin is in a terrible state to begin with. Make-up does not work miracles - it cannot take dry, scaly skin and turn it into airbrushed perfection; it will not magically stop oil production on yor T-zone for one day!

The most important thing to do is to get your skin looking its absolute BEST before your wedding day. If you do that, you will be pretty much able to get away with wearing your regular make-up, if you choose to.

Foundation is there to give the skin an even finish - it is not polyfiller to fill open pores and you cannot cake it on thick enough to alter the colour of your skin.

Make-up companies tell you that if you spend huge amounts of money on their products, it will artificially improve the look of your skin. However it is far far better to use that money to invest in a good skincare regime that will last a lifetime.

Make-up should accentuate your most beautiful features - and if you stick to a proper skin routine, eat healthily and get enough sleep, you will have nothing but beautiful features.

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  • hseghseg Posts: 25
    Of course you are right; it is best to have beautiful skin to begin with, but some people are not that lucky! Diet, sleep and cleansers can help, but do not always fix peoblem skin. Some of us need all the help we can get!
  • Well said, I recommend water and sleep, as much as you can get before the big day. I plan to go to bed at 9 , in the house on my own , alcohol free on the night before my big day. I think it will be nice to have a bit of 'me time' to reflect.

    What are the rest of you planning to do the night before?
  • Definitely alcohol free the night before too Cherub, I don't want puffy eye syndrome on my big day lol

  • I agree that make up can only do so much. But I am blessed with excellent skin! I have to stay at my folks' house the night before, with aunts, uncles, cats, and a bridesmaid. Hope they're all going to be quiet. I don't think I could cope with being on my own actually. I'll be too excited. No alcohol though for me either!
  • katesaxkatesax Posts: 458
    I also agree a skin care regime is really important I just had a facial and since then my make up has been going on so much better - because the skin underneath it is in better condition

    Also a Fab Foundation brush can work miracles !!!! thats my tip !

  • I agree with the the skin tip but unfortunately for me i have oily sking and am prone to breakouts! I have restarted my facials again and will be having one a couple of days before we fly out aswell! Have also been using exfoliator which helps
  • I totally agree, nothing worse than trying to put foundation over dry flaky skin...I am determined to get my skin in good working order before the big day.

    I have however just invested quite a bit of money in a Prescriptives foundation as they match the colour to your skin tone for a really natural flawless look...very impressed but the make up lady at the counter did say it's good to look after your skin to start with.

    No alcohol for me the whole week before my wedding if I can help it....not sure that will happen though:\)
  • repjohnsonrepjohnson Posts: 1,243
    Bobbi Brown vitamin enriched facecream is the answer to bad skin. This stuff is like polyfiller and undercoat rolled into one. Makeup looks ammazing on top of it and it isn't greasy.
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