Hi all, would be grateful for your input on this one.

Whilst I know some are uncomfy with discussing how much we are all paying for services, I wondered if you could tell me how much you've been quoted for hair/ makeup for the day.

Been into town to pick up some info and have been quoted £180 for hair (trial and day itself, with more experienced stylist) and £66 for makeup (again trial and day itself). These aren't static prices so will be more by the time we get hitched.

Is this reasonable or not?? :\?


  • I have been quoted £80 in quite a posh salon for the trial and on the day if that helps. I think make up will be around £30 (can't remember exactly)
  • clarryclarry Posts: 3,311
    Hi my make up is £100 for trial and on the day and my hair is £60 for trial and on the day x
  • flf2bflf2b Posts: 647
    Thanks girls, think I'll keep looking for quotes. :\)
  • chess4chess4 Posts: 1,831
    I've been quoted £200 for both hair and makeup, and that includes both the trial and on the day services... And I've gone for a London company to come out to me, so I was pleasantly surprised as after some research this looked to be a good 'middle-of-the-road' price and their portfolio really stood out...
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